MATH is a beautiful thing…..

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This comes  from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70  yrs. experience.
It has an indisputable  mathematical logic.
It also made me Laugh Out  Loud.

This is a strictly …..  mathematical  viewpoint… and it goes like  this:

What Makes 

What does it mean  to give
MORE than 100%?

Ever  wonder about those people who say they are giving  more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings  where someone wants you to give over  100%.

How about achieving 103%?

What  makes up 100% in life?

Here’s a little  mathematical formula that might help you answer  these questions:

A B C D E F G H I J  K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Is  represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14  15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 =  98%


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 =  96% 

But ,

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 =  100% 


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 =  103% 

AND, look how far
ass  kissing  will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7  = 118% 

So, one can conclude  with mathematical certainty, that while 
Hard  work  and  Knowledge will get you close, and  Attitude  will get you there. Its  the  Bullshit  and  Ass  Kissing that will put you over the  top. 

Now you  know why Politicians are where they  are!


Cheer up……

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A picture is worth……



























The Male Cycle

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 When I was 13, I hoped that one day I would have a girlfriend with big breasts.


 When I was 16, I got a girlfriend with big breasts, but there was no passion, I decided I needed a passionate girl with zest for life.


 In college I dated a passionate girl, but she was too emotional.  Everything was an emergency.  She was a drama queen, cried all the time and threatened suicide.  I decided I needed a girl with stability.


 When I was 25, I found a very stable girl but she was boring.  She was totally predictable and never got excited about anything.  Life became so dull that I decided I needed a girl with some excitement.


 When I was 28, I found an exciting girl, but I couldn’t keep up with her.  She rushed from one thing to another, never settling on anything.  She did mad impetuous things and made me miserable as often as happy.  She was great fun initially and very energetic, but directionless.  I decided to find a  girl with some real ambition.


 When I turned 30, I found a smart ambitious girl with her feet planted firmly on the ground, I married her.  She was so ambitious that she divorced me and took everything I owned.


  I’m older and wiser now, I’m looking for a girl with big breasts.



Dealing with the Squirrels


The Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrel infestation.  After much prayer and consideration, they concluded that the squirrels were predestined to be there, and they should not interfere with God’s divine will.


At the Baptist church, the squirrels had taken an interest in the baptistery.  The deacons met and decided to put a water-slide on the baptistery and let the squirrels drown themselves.  The squirrels liked the slide and, unfortunately, knew instinctively how to swim, so twice as many squirrels showed up the following week.


The Lutheran church decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God’s creatures.  So, they humanely trapped their squirrels and set them free near the Baptist church.  Two weeks later, the squirrels were back when the Baptists took down the water-slide.


The Episcopalians tried a much more unique path by setting out pans of whiskey around their church in an effort to kill the squirrels with alcohol poisoning.  They sadly learned how much damage a band of drunk squirrels can do.


But the Catholic church came up with a more creative strategy!  They baptized all the squirrels and made them members of the church  Now they only see them at Christmas and Easter.


Not much was heard from the Jewish synagogue.  They took the first squirrel and circumcised him.  They haven’t seen a squirrel since.



Trust Me, Please…You want to read/hear this one

“How beautiful is this? It gives me chill bumps. My American Pride returned for this five minutes and it sure felt American and wonderful.”
-Sheila Tolley-

Why a CorrectionHistory.Org Link to 'God Bless America'

Frank Sinatra considered Kate Smith the best singer of her time, and said that when he and a million other guys first heard her sing “God Bless America” on the radio, they all pretended to have dust in their eyes as they wiped away a tear or two.

Here are the facts; The link at the bottom will take you to a video showing the very first public singing of “God Bless America.” But before you watch it you should know the story behind the first public showing of the song.

The time was 1940. America was still in a terrible economic depression. Hitler was taking over Europe and Americans were afraid we’d have to go to war. It was a time of hardship and worry for most Americans.

This was the era just before TV when radio shows were HUGE and American families sat around their radios in the evenings, listening to their favorite entertainers and no entertainer of that era was bigger than Kate Smith.

Kate was also large; plus size as we now say and the popular phrase still used today is in deference to her; “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

Kate Smith might not have made it big in the age of TV but with her voice coming over the radio, she was the biggest star of her time.

Kate was also patriotic. It hurt her to see Americans so depressed and afraid of what the next day would bring. She had hope for America, and faith in her fellow Americans. She wanted to do something to cheer them up, so she went to the famous American songwriter Irving Berlin (who also wrote White Christmas) and asked him to write a song that would make Americans feel good again about their country. When she described what she was looking for, he said he had just the song for her. He went to his files and found a song that he had written but never published, 22 years before – in 1917.

He gave it to her and she worked on it with her studio orchestra. She and Irving Berlin were not sure how the song would be received by the public, but both agreed they would not take any profits from God Bless America. Any profits would go to the Boy Scouts of America . Over the years, the Boy Scouts have received millions of dollars in royalties from this song.

This video starts out with Kate Smith coming into the radio studio with the orchestra and an audience. She introduces the new song for the very first time and starts singing. After the first couple verses, with her voice in the background, scenes are shown from the 1940 movie, You’re In The Army Now. At the 4:20 mark of the video you see a young actor in the movie, sitting in an office, reading a paper; it’s Ronald Reagan.

To this day, God Bless America stirs our patriotic feelings and pride in our country. Back in 1940, when Kate Smith went looking for a song to raise the spirits of her fellow Americans, I doubt whether she realized just how successful the results would be for her fellow Americans during those years of hardship and worry.. and for many generations of Americans to follow.

Many people don’t know there’s a lead in to the song since it usually starts with God Bless America … So here’s the entire song as originally sung. The lead in should still be part of the song. It’s key.

Click on the link below:

Kate Smith introduces God Bless America – YouTube


OLD GLORY….By: Evangelo “Vann” Morris

Thank you, God': Trump revels in reign as absolute king of CPAC | Donald Trump | The Guardian

“I truly miss my Commander In Chief, Donald Trump. He is the only president since Ronald Reagan who listened and believed as Old Glory spoke and gave unconditional support and respect to our Mighty Flag.”

-Sheila Tolley-



Biden, Lloyd Austin, Milley, and Blinken have to be prosecuted after impeachment and Court Martial.

These guys are low life scum.  Where are the protesters?


Ida news.

Anyone who would wait in line  2 hours for a vaccine inspection is a fool.  They are probably dems.  In New York you could go downtown and watch MS 13 members shoot pedestrians for free.

For a minute I thought the video was of Americans trying to escape Kabul.  Speaking of Kabul, here is a new missile.


Award winning photos.  The second link is Bill and Hill at a McDonald’s.


I believe the Demodungbeetles in the 5 states that are in question—it’s actually 18 counties.


Things could be worse, you could be dead in Chicago.  BLM means nothing.


Boola Boola Editor:  Are you ready for college football, LL ?

Until I See A Knee Cat:  I’m fine until I see the first college protest, then I’m opening a mouse farm.

Some good games.

One great school mascot is the Richmond Spiders.  Spiders made the article because Amigo saw a completely White one.

Some early rankings.

Shaq once gave up a big deal to help poor kids.

He might be on the way.

Yes, it’s true.

The Mighty Joe strikes out.

I can’t find any good football songs.

Fight over Tech’s fight song continues