ON MY QUOTEBOX…This is true




-Sheila Tolley-



Dear Barack:

I see your ‘Fast & Furious’

and raise you a

‘I really fucked America.’



-Sheila Tolley-





Our Narcissist-In-Chief, PINO Biden will soon be seen with his arm in a sling. No seventy-eight year old geezer can pat himself on the back that long without tearing his rotator cuff.

Old Narci-Joe cannot get himself off his own feeble mind. Not even long enough to show respect to the loved ones of our murdered troops in Afghanistan. Nope. He had to bring up his son, Beau.


How sickening was Narci-Joe when he kept checking his watch while he was at Dover Air Force Base? He was there to mark the ‘dignified transfer’ of the 13 US service members killed in Kabul.

That was not important to the Narcissist-In-Chief. Perhaps he was checking the time for his next dose of Geritol? Was it time for another pain pill due to his torn rotator cuff? Maybe he was afraid he was going to be late for his Glamour Shot appointment? Maybe his cell phone was on “Vibrate” and he thought his watch was ringing. Who the Hell knows?

BUT..we do know that Narci-Joe is mighty damn proud of his Historical Air-Lift. The biggest in the history of the world. He is the new God of Evacuations. Just ask him.

I truly do not know why he is so enamored with himself over that air-lift. He brought 114,000 UN-VETTED people, from assorted tribes, out of Afghanistan. (Coming Soon To An American Military Base Near You.)

Why didn’t PINO Biden just use his Mexican Drug Cartel to carry out the evacuation?

They have been bringing in 6,000 a day since the oval office was stolen FOR him.


C’mon man, face the facts:

“A GI  JOE, you AIN’T! At best you are the Chatty Cathy with a tangled string on your talking ring.”


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Weekend At Bernie’s, Perhaps…..

Why Joe Biden can’t resign, or be removed — or die

In the wake of the Afghanistan debacle, demands have arisen in Congress for President Biden to resign or to be removed via the 25th Amendment.  Elements of the formerly pro-Biden media have joined in the condemnation.

Many silent Democrat office-holders likely want Biden out, as they fear that the systemic incompetence of his administration will bring them down come 2022.

But Joe cannot resign or be fired.  The Democrat high command will not let either happen, no matter the short-term political cost.

On the surface, that makes little sense.  Joe’s resignation or removal would not alter Democrat control of the presidency and Congress.  If Joe leaves, Kamala  Harris becomes president.  She is incompetent, too, but no more so than Joe, and is on board with the administration’s radical agenda.

So.  Why can’t Joe quit the office or be removed? 

Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states: “The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided.”  The current Senate is equally divided with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

As soon as Kamala Harris takes the presidential oath, the vice presidency is left vacant.  In that case, a tie vote means that the legislation, resolution, or confirmation under consideration fails.

A Senate chamber without a vice president puts Mitch McConnell in the catbird seat.  He can kill all Democrat initiatives, including any nomination to refill the vice presidency.

The Democrat agenda goes up in smoke.  The 3.5-trillion-dollar budget reconciliation bill is blocked.  The For the People bill is blocked.  The Green New Deal is blocked.  Packing the Supreme Court is dead.  As is any attempt to scuttle the filibuster or grab guns.

Therefore, the Democrats will keep Joe in office.  Even if he’s reduced to talking gibberish and eating Jell-O.  Kamala also stays where she is, and the Democrat dream of fundamental transformation remains alive.

OK.  But what if Joe Biden dies?  This 78-year-old man is certainly at risk.  When Joe was three decades younger, in 1988, he suffered two brain aneurysms.  Doctors at the time gave him a 50-50 chance of surviving.

“He’s not a healthy guy,” said Dr. David Scheiner in 2020.  Dr. Scheiner was concerned about Biden’s potential for a stroke.  Biden receives treatment for an irregular heartbeat and high cholesterol.  Joe has also undergone surgeries for gallbladder and partial prostate removal, and on his sinus and nasal passages to treat sleep apnea.

If Joe dies, Kamala automatically vacates the vice presidency.  The Democrats again face the throttling of their agenda.  Mitch again rules.

The Democrat high command are not stupid.  Indeed, as they proved during the last presidential election, they are quite willing to do whatever needs to be done.  We must assume they have contingency plans in place.

If Joe were to expire while addressing the United Nations or during a live press conference, that would be one thing.  His death must be acknowledged and the consequences accepted.

If Joe passes while out of sight of the public, that is something else.  The something else would probably go like this:

His body is secretly transported to Camp David or the family compound in Delaware.  His sudden disappearance is explained by announcing that an assassination plot (by Islamic terrorists, or better, by white supremacists) has just been discovered.  The president will remain at an undisclosed location until the threat is neutralized.

Biden’s existence and whereabouts can be easily faked, so the pretense could be kept up a while.  Also remember that a president need not actually sign a bill for it to become law (if Congress remains in session ten days after passage).

With Joe presumably alive and Kamala able to break Senate tie votes, the Democrats have a window of about sixteen months to enact their agenda.  Only recalcitrants Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema stand in the way.  The party that plays the hardest ball ever seen will go to work hard on those two.

The window ends Jan. 3, 2023, when the new Congress convenes.  Almost certainly the GOP will control the next House, and the Republicans stand an increasingly good chance to take back the Senate.  If not passed, the Democrat agenda is truly dead as of that date.

While the window remains open, Joseph Robinette Biden must remain president.  Whether he serves honorably or dishonorably, whether coherently or incoherently, whether alive or dead. 

By: Clayton Spann
American Thinker

An Old Man and a Bucket of Shrimp


The extraordinary life of America's Flying Ace, Eddie Rickenbacker ...


This is a great story that many don’t know…You’ve got to be careful with old guys, you just never know what they have done during their lifetime.


It happened every Friday evening, almost without fail, when the sun resembled a giant orange and was starting to dip into the blue ocean.


Old Ed came strolling along the beach to his favorite pier. Clutched in his bony hand was a bucket of shrimp. Ed walks out to the end of the pier, where it seems he almost has the world to himself. The glow of the sun is a golden bronze now. Everybody’s gone, except for a few joggers on the beach. Standing out on the end of the pier, Ed is alone with his thoughts…and his bucket of shrimp.


Before long, however, he is no longer alone. Up in the sky a thousand white dots come screeching and squawking, winging their way toward that lanky frame standing there on the end of the pier. Before long, dozens of seagulls have enveloped him, their wings fluttering and flapping wildly. Ed stands there tossing shrimp to the hungry birds. As he does, if you listen closely, you can hear him say with a smile, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’ In a few short minutes the bucket is empty. But Ed doesn’t leave. He stands there lost in thought, as though transported to another time and place .


When he finally turns around and begins to walk back toward the beach, a few of the birds hop along the pier with him until he gets to the stairs, and then they, too, fly away. And old Ed quietly makes his way down to the end of the beach and on home.


If you were sitting there on the pier with your fishing line in the water, Ed might seem like ‘a funny old duck,’ as my dad used to say. Or, to onlookers, he’s just another old codger, lost in his own weird world, feeding the seagulls with a bucket full of shrimp. To the onlooker, rituals can look either very strange or very empty. They can seem altogether unimportant ….maybe even a lot of nonsense. Old folks often do strange things, at least in the eyes of Boomers and Busters.


Most of them would probably write Old Ed off, down there in Florida … That’s too bad. They’d do well to know him better. His full name: Eddie Rickenbacker. He was a famous hero in World War I, and then he was in WWII. On one of his flying missions across the Pacific, he and his seven-member crew went down. Miraculously, all of the men survived, crawled out of their plane, and climbed into a life raft.


Captain Rickenbacker and his crew floated for days on the rough waters of the Pacific. They fought the sun. They fought sharks. Most of all, they fought hunger and thirst. By the eighth day their rations ran out. No food. No water. They were hundreds of miles from land and no one knew where they were or even if they were alive. Every day across America millions wondered and prayed that Eddie Rickenbacker might somehow be found alive. The men adrift needed a miracle. That afternoon they had a simple devotional service and prayed for a miracle.


They tried to nap. Eddie leaned back and pulled his military cap over his nose. Time dragged on. All he could hear was the slap of the waves against the raft…suddenly Eddie felt something land on the top of his cap. It was a seagull! Old Ed would later describe how he sat perfectly still, planning his next move. With a flash of his hand and a squawk from the gull, he managed to grab it and wring its neck. He tore the feathers off, and he and his starving crew made a meal of it – a very slight meal for eight men. Then they used the intestines for bait. With it, they caught fish, which gave them food and more bait….and the cycle continued. With that simple survival technique, they were able to endure the rigors of the sea until they were found and rescued after 24 days at sea.


Eddie Rickenbacker lived many years beyond that ordeal, but he never forgot the sacrifice of that first life-saving seagull… And he never stopped saying, ‘Thank you.’ That’s why almost every Friday night he would walk to the end of the pier with a bucket full of shrimp and a heart full of gratitude.


PS: Eddie Rickenbacker was the founder of Eastern Airlines. Before WWI he was race car driver. In WWI he was a pilot and became America’s first ace. In WWII he was an instructor and military adviser, and he flew missions with the combat pilots. Eddie Rickenbacker is a true American hero. And now you know another story about the trials and sacrifices that brave men have endured for your freedom.




The Pelosi Parade

An assistant to Nancy Pelosi told her she had a fantastic dream last night.    There was a humongous parade in Washington celebrating Pelosi.  Millions lined the parade route, cheering when Nancy went past. Bands were playing; children were throwing confetti into the air; there were balloons everywhere. It was the biggest celebration Washington had ever seen.


Nancy was very impressed and said, “That’s really great!  By the way, how did I look in your dream? Was my hair okay?”


Her assistant said, “I couldn’t tell, the casket was closed.”