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As usual, some people are exempt.


One killer has gone to wherever they go.

Retired Senator Boxer comes out of her viper’s pit long enough to tell Feinstein to retire.  WHAT A JOKER.


We have new Chicken Nuggets.

The Bee explains poverty.

Get away from it all.


Go Big Red.  It sounds a lot like America.

Ole Miss coach cleared of accusations.  Anonymous sources are just that.


The Truthful Editor:  What are your hard to believe stories, LL ?

Ripley Cat:  I don’t know where to start.  What be going on in ATL, Ga. USA ?  A customer wanted his grits prepared his way.

Another story from Woke ATL.

Kim Jong UnCola-7-Up says that with the retarded girl from Sweden not making any headlines that he was taking up the gauntlet.

He further demanded a Waffle House on every nuclear bomb site.

Facebook labeled Black men as ” primates. ”  CEO, Mark Zuckerberg  said it was an affectionate name the Board Members used in their annual meeting.

Joe kills innocent car full of kids, to be tough, after American soldiers were needlessly  killed.

One history of ” peeing Calvin ” and another job for Joe and Obama that fits their qualifications.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Night Sky Reflected
Image Credit & Copyright: Egon Filter

Explanation: What’s that in the mirror? In the featured image of the dark southern sky, the three brightest galaxies of the night are all relatively easy to identify. Starting from the left, these are the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), and part of the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. All three are also seen reflected in a shallow pool of water. But what is seen in the mirror being positioned by the playful astrophotographer? Dust clouds near the center of our Milky Way — and the planet Jupiter. The composite was carefully planned and composed from images captured from the same camera in the same location and during the same night in mid-2019 in Mostardas, south Brazil. The picture won first place in the Connecting to the Dark division of the International Dark-Sky Association‘s Capture the Dark contest for 2021.

Tomorrow’s picture: mars 360 panorama