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Liberal Justice Breyer tells Pigleosi to SUCK THIS.

A college update.  Watch out for the Hogs.

People in Chicago are getting what they voted for—3,100 shooting in eight months and 530 murders.  BLM/Antifa are jokes.


Maybe the GOP needs some stones.  Between an open Southern Frontier, Americans killed and abandoned in Kabul, and Fauci committing perjury to the Senate you would think they could form a coherent plan.


Maybe the Republican Senators found some stones.  What use is testifying without a sworn oath ?


Biden has no ethics.


Shut down DC with a million person peaceful protest.  Don’t be like Commie Sue, BLM is OK.

This joins the hidden facts like Kabul and dead Americans—without any continuing Republican outcry.

Get behind me Satan.


The Eskimo Editor:  Where are you, LL ?  I can barely hear you.

The  Cold Cat:  I’m reporting from the Great White North.  The Liberals need to burn something in this magical land or at least figure out a new nickname when everything melts.  Yes, I’m in Canada.

TEE:  I’m surprised that the Kongers, French, and now the Canucks have more stones than Americans.  I sure hope throwing stones at politicians doesn’t catch on here.

TCC:  I sure hope not.  The Canucks are protesting their Prime Minister Trudeau’s liberal egg sucking dog left wing job destroying policies.  He is such a Metro-Sexual that he makes Newsom ( Nancy’s nephew ) from Caliwildfire look like a Lumberjack.

TEE:  Isn’t the California Metro-Sexual a Hair-Gel user, TCC. 

Two Weeks From Everywhere Cat:  No, he doesn’t even use Dapper Dan he uses FOP.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Mars Panorama 360 from Curiosity
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS; Processing & License: Elisabetta Bonora & Marco Faccin (

Explanation: Which way up Mount Sharp? In early September, the robotic rover Curiosity continued its ascent up the central peak of Gale Crater, searching for more clues about ancient water and further evidence that Mars could once have been capable of supporting life. On this recent Martian morning, before exploratory drilling, the rolling rover took this 360-degree panorama, in part to help Curiosity’s human team back on Earth access the landscape and chart possible future routes. In the horizontally-compressed featured image, an amazing vista across Mars was captured, complete with layered hills, red rocky ground, gray drifting sand, and a dusty atmosphere. The hill just left of center has been dubbed Maria Gordon Notch in honor of a famous Scottish geologist. The current plan is to direct Curiosity to approach, study, and pass just to the right of Gordon Notch on its exploratory trek.

Tomorrow’s picture: cyclone earth