Joe has a hostage situation.  Vote Democratic for more SNAFU’s


Children and COVID.


The Democrats speak out.

The Virginia Tech students speak out.

Biden is good for gun sales, but the Afghans get bigger guns free.


Joe asked Ghani to present a good perception for the world—make things look good.  Like the New York Times.


Gaetz gets some satisfaction.

The fall of Kabul is the fault of the video.  It’s the same one Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillgal used when the terrorist killed Americans in Benghazi.  The dems keep it in an old VCR that says BREAK GLASS IN EMERGENCY.


The Military Editor:  What did you see, LL ?

# 5 Cat:  I saw where Chanel is buying up more Jasmine growing land to protect their brand.

I also saw where the Generals in our armed forces are as WOKE as Marty Feldman.

I saw Generals with enough fruit salad to feed one of Obama’s birthday parties.

The ribbons look colorful, it’s kind of like a participation trophy.

Maybe we need more Generals who aren’t WOKE.  Generals who aren’t butt-buddies with the Democratic Party.  Generals who will resign rather than see Biden FUK up American Foreign Policy for 50 years–if America can last that long.

This is Biden and the Pentagon’s keep America safe policy.  They are teaching WOKE,  the Chinese are teaching TAKE.

This is a Biden-WOKE-loser representing the dems.  Ask him if the second link is true ?

Time is going by for America.  Ingrid looks like our MST when she was younger.


Why Biden keeps checking his watch




The Husband Store