So, You Want A Red Flag ?

By All Means, Take Two………………

“You can trust me on this…. the Democrats are in office and some stupid Republicans are in bed with them. The next thing that becomes open records will be your medical information. (Let’s blame it on COVID!)

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, if you take prescribed  anti-depressants, nerve medicine, sleeping medication,…THEY WILL COME FOR YOUR GUNS!

Our wonderful Veterans will not stand a chance. Once they are diagnosed with PTSD…..their guns will be taken away.

That just sets the precedent…Then they will come for YOUR GUNS!”

-Sheila Tolley-


House Passes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill For Ex-Military Members — And Lots Of Republicans Voted For It



Beautiful and well worth the few minutes to watch

A video from the Byron Bay lighthouse at the northern tip of New South Wales, Australia.  Because of its unique geographical location, it can be seen and photographed only locally.  Enjoy the moon rise for more than three minutes to witness a beautiful view from the easternmost part of Australia! 

A moon rise to be remembered as you listen to the music of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”


ON MY SOAPBOX…Just hang around



American Idol was canceled on Fox in 2016, due to low ratings. I personally enjoyed the show once they got through the ridiculous searches and eliminations to get to the ten finalists. 

Several years before they were cancelled, they had a song writing competition. Their only rule was that the song submissions were to be about “LIFE.” Being a Baby Boomer myself, I felt that I knew a lot about life.

I found the old song (which I never submitted) in my old files today. I figure, just maybe, some of my Baby Boomer friends may enjoy it.


Just Hang Around on a Cloud……..

Life’s like a ride on a cross-country train,
Don’t rush it or think of the time.
Remember the folks, the tears and the jokes,
Learn to dance to the rhythm and rhyme.

You can shoot for the moon, reach for the stars,
Or just hang around on a cloud.
But never impart with your tender heart,
Always sing about that real loud.

The train goes through rain, then it’s foggy again,
Be patient the sun will break through.
Day follows night, after wrong will come right
Just be fair in all that you do.

You can shoot for the moon, reach for the stars,
Or just hang around on a cloud.
But never redeem your self-esteem,
Always sing about that real loud.

You look and it’s snowing, then flowers are growing,
You don’t know the tame from the wild.
Others went through it, now you to must do it
Then pass this along to your child.

You can shoot for the moon, reach for the stars,
Or just hang around on a cloud.
But never relent on your good intent,
Always sing about that real loud.

The curves are sharp, you can’t see around,
The hills are high and you can’t see the ground.
Give it your best, it’s just life’s road test,
You’ll enjoy the train ride back down.

You can shoot for the moon, reach for the stars,
Or just hang around on a cloud.
But never deny what you testify
Always sing about that real loud.

So much aggravation to get to the station
It’s finally the end of the ride.
Now you look back, you see your own tracks.
You feel such a tingle inside.

You shot for the moon, you reached for the stars,
You hung around on a cloud.
Now you will brag, you carried LIFE’s flag
And you will sing about that real loud.

-Sheila Tolley-


40 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Clouds, Vol 1 - Hongkiat

Follow The Science



It’s the fault of the MSM, Nancy, Schumer, and Joe.


Baby loungers are recalled.

Buy your liquor now.


The midterms are a long way off.  The R’s had better be monitoring the vote count.  You can’t monitor pixels.  Electronic voting is a scam.

The dems have a plan to solve our problems.


The Superdome had a small fire.

The Canary Islands have a hot-spot.


The Real Editor:  What are the hot items today, LL ?  One tree was saved from fire & beavers.

Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout Cat:  There are so many things, I hope I can stay awake long enough to get the job done.  I feel like Joe, but I haven’t killed 300 men, women, children ( 7 ).  Here is a sign that the END is near.  The beavers in Oregon have copied BLM/Antifa, they are burning down the state.  Luckily, they don’t need to have other skills like, reading, writing, math, and whatever.

This is another mutant that Fauci and the Chinese made in their lab.  The East coast is on lock down.  The giant gulls might be more dangerous than the COVID 19 that they engineered.

This is even more frightening.  These West coast birds could unite with the Beavers.  These are another Fauci-Chinese creation.

Boeing cuts no corners on providing their workers ” fun ” working conditions.

This is probably one of their planes filled with so much Tequila that it can’t take off.

I don’t think Joe will be around in 3 years.

What the fuk is going on in America ?