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From Down Under

Australia’s largest national newspaper is refusing to apologize after publishing a cartoon showing former Vice President Joe Biden calling Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris a “little brown girl.”

“How funny! I guess MSM does not realize that Australia is not required to kiss their Liberal Asses. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO, BOYCOTT KANGAROOS?”

-Sheila Tolley-







The Trifling Editor:   Do you have some new words for our loyal readers, LL ?

The Infrequently Accessed Cat:   I sure do, sometimes I’m caught with no response when a little known word is used.  The first is ” gadding “.

It means, if you are a Democrat, going around town and burning down everything/anything.  You can also kill people.

I like this one, it sounds like a cyborg creature.   It is sometimes called a ” crawler “.  Oooooh

Derecho is a great one.

I thought this was a city in Turkey.

This is from young people.  It is a form of aggression, much like a question mark or comma.

Teachers should be careful about virtual classes.

This should close-out this article, bastar*.  Like many insulting words its meaning has largely changed since the sexual revolution.  I guess now it is used with poor, stupid, ignorant, your/our, and usually with Democrat.  Joe Biden likes it because without its use he has five ( 5 ) grandchildren.  Where is Joe ??????


Very Interesting…..



Here is more info on Jacob Blake.


Here is my buddy Newsom ( Pigleosi’s Nephew ).


The Wisconsin Lt. Governor dismisses Due Process, much like Keisha Lance Bottoms the Mayor of Atlanta ( Wendy’s shooting )


The Not Many Editor:  Did you find something rare, LL ?

Almost Gold Dabloun Cat:  These archeology apprentices found something very rare.  The supervisor of the ” dig ” said that it is very possible that RBG used these coins.

This is a brief story of the birth of a political activist.  At first she was just asking questions.

She learned to have a plan B ready in case her favorite Communist lost.

A little later she learned that being a news person was better than not.

To get the last few votes, a popular hair style is a must.  I hope Nancy is working on hers.

The final phase in politics is to see of she can endure criticism.

Her millions of fans are waiting to see if like the Clintons, Obamas, Pigleosis, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Pocahontas, and scores of others if she will give away 80% of her wealth.  That would include all homes but one, all private plane travel, all government contracts held by relatives, all Presidential Libraries, and all non-profits.  We hope you make it, Cardi B.  America needs your leadership.

With the police gone, who will  you hire to protect your remaining 20% ?

Message Board Quote

Joe is owned by the Chinese. He has electile dysfunction.


246 Best Drain The Swamp images in 2020 | Political humor, Politics,  Conservative politics




Oh no,  Newsom the California Governor ( Pigleosi’s Nephew ) might have been naughty.


The Who Editor:  Who decided that election day is now election week, month, or other, LL ?

I Know Cat:  The Democrats and News Media decided that with the Russian/Trump USPS scandal that it might be  January 20,  2021 before a winner is decided.

Goofy Man said that Trump was going to close all polling locations in the nation at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Citizens in  the other time zones should vote early, he advised.  God is going to help.

TWE:  What can our loyal readers do ?  It sounds like a fuster cluck.

For Sure Cat:  It will be for sure.  They should start storing essential items.

Twitter doesn’t care about you.  I hope no one prints the Board of Directors names.

The Democratic Governors and Mayors don’t care about their people.

Joe & He Jinli’s campaign loses a tire.

This is for our University of Georgia fans.  Forty years is half a life-time.

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