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From Down Under

Australia’s largest national newspaper is refusing to apologize after publishing a cartoon showing former Vice President Joe Biden calling Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris a “little brown girl.”

“How funny! I guess MSM does not realize that Australia is not required to kiss their Liberal Asses. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO, BOYCOTT KANGAROOS?”

-Sheila Tolley-







The Trifling Editor:   Do you have some new words for our loyal readers, LL ?

The Infrequently Accessed Cat:   I sure do, sometimes I’m caught with no response when a little known word is used.  The first is ” gadding “.

It means, if you are a Democrat, going around town and burning down everything/anything.  You can also kill people.

I like this one, it sounds like a cyborg creature.   It is sometimes called a ” crawler “.  Oooooh

Derecho is a great one.

I thought this was a city in Turkey.

This is from young people.  It is a form of aggression, much like a question mark or comma.

Teachers should be careful about virtual classes.

This should close-out this article, bastar*.  Like many insulting words its meaning has largely changed since the sexual revolution.  I guess now it is used with poor, stupid, ignorant, your/our, and usually with Democrat.  Joe Biden likes it because without its use he has five ( 5 ) grandchildren.  Where is Joe ??????

Astronomy Picture of the Day

SS 433: Binary Star Micro-Quasar
Animation Credit: DESY, Science Communication Lab

Explanation: SS 433 is one of the most exotic star systems known. Its unremarkable name stems from its inclusion in a catalog of Milky Way stars which emit radiation characteristic of atomic hydrogen. Its remarkable behavior stems from a compact object, a black hole or neutron star, which has produced an accretion disk with jets. Because the disk and jets from SS 433 resemble those surrounding supermassive black holes in the centers of distant galaxies, SS 433 is considered a micro-quasar. As illustrated in the animated featured video based on observational data, a massive, hot, normal star is locked in orbit with the compact object. As the video starts, material is shown being gravitationally ripped from the normal star and falling onto an accretion disk. The central star also blasts out jets of ionized gas in opposite directions – each at about 1/4 the speed of light. The video then pans out to show a top view of the precessing jets producing an expanding spiral. From even greater distances, the dissipating jets are then visualized near the heart of supernova remnant W50. Two years ago, SS 433 was unexpectedly found by the HAWC detector array in Mexico to emit unusually high energy (TeV-range) gamma-rays. Surprises continue, as a recent analysis of archival data taken by NASA‘s Fermi satellite find a gamma-ray source — separated from the central stars as shown — that pulses in gamma-rays with a period of 162 days – the same as SS 433’s jet precession period – for reasons yet unknown.

Tomorrow’s picture: salted asteroid