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Taxpayers pay for Kamala’s cover-up.  Another $35,000 was probably given for a nice disclosure.

Storm Tracker.



The Editor:  Are the new cardboard cut-out fans working out, LL ?

Ty Cobb, The Georgia Peach, The Terrible Beauty Cat:  This is the best book ever written about Cobb.  The previous lies are corrected.

The game without fans is going great–listen to the piped in fan noise in this replay.  I think the ball hit the ground, but the sad part is that baseball won’t change some stupid rules.

The second video in this link is amazing.  The Astros act just like the HOR Democratic Judicial Committee, what a bunch of monkeys.  They are developing team spirit, fair play, and character—just like Nadler the penguin–eek, eek.

Trader Joe’s tells BLM and their buddies to buzz off, and here are some Goya Beans for the road.

This will help keep your days in order.

CNN thinks women are people with a cervix, not women.

This racist can’t find a home.  There is no Joy in Raceville.

MLB and the NBA can move to China, and take a knee to their anthem.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Comet NEOWISE over Vikos Gorge
Image Credit & Copyright: Constantine Emmanouilidi

Explanation: Did the Earth part to show us this comet? Of course not, even if this image makes it seem that way. Pictured far in the background is Comet NEOWISE as it appeared about two weeks ago over northern Greece. Above the comet are many stars including the bright stars of the Big Dipper (also the Sorcerer, in Aztec mythology), an asterism that many people around the world used to find the naked-eye comet as it hovered in the northern sky over the past month. In the foreground is Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge on Earth, relative to its width. The gorge was slowly created by erosion from the Voidomatis River over the past few million years. Capturing this image took a lot of planning, waiting, luck, braving high winds, and avoiding local wolves. Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) continues to fade and is now best visible through binoculars as it coasts back to the outer Solar System.

Tomorrow’s picture: galaxy swirl