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This will make you an expert on Supreme Court nominations.




Coldwell Banker Editor:  Are there any good deals, LL

Fixer Upper Cat:  There are more good deals here than honest men in D.C.  In America, the owner of the first house would have had a heart attack before construction began.

Here is a Hobbit house, for J. R. R. Tolkien fans.

Location, location, location.

The Harley people are busy on this real estate.

Trump wants an in person debate with Nowhere Man.

It worked for this guy.

Amigo has used shoe-shine profits to sponsor another golfer.  He said he might start shining golf-bags and even waxing carts.  Biff will be the wax guy.

Our neighbors to the South

Apparently, the police in Mexico are trained social workers and a part of their job is to encourage criminals to change their behavior.  Notice that no “choke holds” are required.  All this should make the dem’s really happy!


We were fortunate enough to catch some video of a counseling session between the police team and a young man stopped for auto theft……. They appear to be making some headway in encouraging him to modify his behavior. Perhaps we will see more of this and fewer guns in the inner city as social workers replace defunded police departments.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Perseids from Perseus
Image Credit & Copyright: Petr Horálek

Explanation: Where are all these meteors coming from? In terms of direction on the sky, the pointed answer is the constellation of Perseus. That is why the meteor shower that peaks tomorrow night is known as the Perseids — the meteors all appear to came from a radiant toward Perseus. In terms of parent body, though, the sand-sized debris that makes up the Perseids meteors come from Comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet follows a well-defined orbit around our Sun, and the part of the orbit that approaches Earth is superposed in front of the Perseus. Therefore, when Earth crosses this orbit, the radiant point of falling debris appears in Perseus. Featured here, a composite image taken over eight nights and containing over 400 meteors from last August’s Perseids meteor shower shows many bright meteors that streaked over Kolonica Observatory in Slovakia. This year’s Perseids holds promise to be one of the best meteor showers of the year.

Tomorrow’s picture: high on jupiter