Astronomy Picture of the Day

Siccar Point on Mars
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS; Processing & License: Kevin M. Gill

Explanation: What created this unusual hill on Mars? No one is sure. A good outlook to survey the surrounding area, Siccar Point stands out from its surroundings in Gale Crater. The unusual mound was visited by the robotic Curiosity rover exploring Mars late last year. Siccar Point not only has a distinctive shape, it has dark rocks above lighter rocks. The apparent much younger age of the dark rocks indicates a time-break in the usual geological ordering of rock layers — by a process yet unknown. The Martian hill is named for Siccar Point on Earth, a place in Scotland itself distinctive as a junction between two different rock layers. Curiosity continues to explore Gale crater on Mars, looking for clues of ancient life. Simultaneously, 2300 kilometers away, its sister rover Perseverance explores Jezero crater, there assisted by the flight-capable scout Ingenuity.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space

AMEN, Brother….Preach On



One example of this would be Maxine Waters telling people to get more confrontational.

MSNBC is self explanatory.


Maybe the smelly Liberal/Dems/MSM traitors are losing their influence.  This is an old article.

You wake up and realize that you lost your youth.


LeBron flops better than Liz what’s her name.  Flopping is faking a fowl, and falling down–hoping for free shots.


The Write Stuff Down Editor:  What is missing, LL ?

The Unbelievable Cat:  Government employees and contractors should always be on a short lease.  In a normal world this would be unbelievable, but not in America.  This has a simple answer that I will reveal after you think about how you would solve the problem—much like an illusion puzzle we show frequently.

Do you give up ?  Call or email the Chinese. Bill Clinton gave them every diagram of everything made in America until January 2000.

The West Coast states are about to lose their habitable land—-the Liberals are moving East–you heard it here first.

This guy lost 35 years.

Cable is losing customers.

Don’t be a fool.

These members of the HOR and Senate have education loans that will be forgiven.  Joe helps his compadres.


This is old news.


Not living.

Make your enemy have a miserable life.

This is good news, all they show is woke, and anti-Trump trash all day long.

Bowser hates Republicans and Blacks.

Find the leopard.



I don’t care how many “takes” this took

“This is obviously computer manipulated….but they done an amazing job. A feel good video that makes me smile. We need more smiling in the world…Enjoy!”
-Sheila Tolley-



Private is best.


You can’t get too many shots.


The Ancient Editor:  Did you find some new info, LL ?

Those Humans Are Off And Running Cat:  I sure did, check out these beginnings of capitalism.  There were no commies here–you worked or starved like a rat.


This is an ancient diary or work order for a sub-contractor on the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

The ancients didn’t waste time on electronic devices.

We want both houses of Congress.

Imagine is a dreamer’s song.  Everyone on Earth wants a little different-something.  Nothing is free.  The most dangerous people want you and your children’s souls.  Google MSM/Democrats.


The Tall Ships.

It is tough out there.

America is helpless until the midterms ( maybe ).

What a surprise !!!

She would make a good union teacher.

FJB, the LGBTQ culture, and secular believers.  It’s just a small t.

Animal news.

Help your neighbor–it sounds religious.  It is borrowed taxpayer money that will never be repaid.  How many HOR members are having their loans forgiven ??????

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Did You Know?

Two Buddies