America might use this strategy to prevent a 30 trillion fire sale.


The teachers are smart.


The News Editor:  What is making waves in the news, LL ?

I Don’t Care Cat:  The old nuclear war scare is making a comeback.  I couldn’t care less about that and global warming.  We all are going to die anyway.  Global warming is also a scam to keep your mind off of the politicians getting rich at your expense.

The space station has served its purpose.

If Iran doesn’t have a nuclear bomb by now, they are stupid.  We should give them one and let Israel blow Tehran to kingdom come.  I don’t know who is responsible for this video, no date or source is available.

This is true.

This is an opportunity except that, any state having Whitmer as governor is a losing proposition.

Liberals/dems use racism, arson, and killings to advance their power over you.

I hope they stay involved, forever.

There shouldn’t be a U-Haul truck north of DC.

I wouldn’t spend another Saturday night in one of the lib’s rat holes.


Nancy lets HOR members vote from home or the home where they spent the night.

These creatures are one giant incestuous genetic slime bucket.


You can’t let every place be a sanctuary.  A functioning society needs laws and rules.  Have apps to locate feces on the streets like Nancy & Newsom’s San Franfeces-o.

The Baldwin Diary.


More information on Monkeypox.

Biden and America’s health community have let a monster escape by following political correctness BS.

Maybe they can stop the spread of polio, if it won’t inconvenience any group of people.


Let’s see what his past reveals.

Several teams need this guy.

Companies like this made America great, not what sex you identify as today.  Thanks to R.W.

How sad.


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