Astronomy Picture of the Day

Leaving Earth
Video Credit: NASA/JHU Applied Physics Lab/Carnegie Inst. Washington

Explanation: What it would look like to leave planet Earth? Such an event was recorded visually in great detail by the MESSENGER spacecraft as it swung back past the Earth in 2005 on its way in toward the planet Mercury. Earth can be seen rotating in this time-lapse video, as it recedes into the distance. The sunlit half of Earth is so bright that background stars are not visible. The robotic MESSENGER spacecraft is now in orbit around Mercury and has recently concluded the first complete map of the surface. On occasion, MESSENGER has continued to peer back at its home world. MESSENGER is one of the few things created on the Earth that will never return. At the end of its mission MESSENGER crashed into Mercury’s surface.

Tomorrow’s picture: stars of dust



Pete has learned his job.  We are fortunate he didn’t win the Presidency.


I hope Big Booty AOC gets free before her next match.


The Honorable Editor:  What is feckless, LL ?

The No Thumbs Cat:  I was trying to type freckles, but I can’t type very well without thumbs.  Here is the definition of feckless.

It is often applied to politicians, after they have been reelected enough to become common thieves.  Nancy is a good example.  With any luck Paul will drive over her in the driveway.  This is an example, and why the US government needs to crash.

Freckles was the title I was looking for.

This tiny creature is amazing, Democratic women like Pigleosi, Maxine, Pocahontas, and the squad, do the same thing if they don’t get their way.


Keep the borders open.


Will my BLM brothers and sisters stop the shootings in Chicago ?

I hope Joe’s beach house is OK.


Before it is over, we will discover that Paul stopped to help a motorist in distress and was accidentally listed as driving the totaled Porsche.

The continuing story of Brad and Angelina.

There is always one more Nazi to prosecute.

Red States are starting to wise up to the crooked banks, FJB and the giant banks.

Go figure.

Another skank.

An update.


Awesome Photo…

Beautiful photo from west Texas!

This photo would have made an awesome album cover…back in the day…when we had real music and real albums.
-Sheila Tolley-

Nature Showing Off…Part 1