Did Manchin manage to manipulate your thinking for a while? We thought he actually cared, didn’t we? We were fools.


Aw, Look….

The FBI caught on a hot camera….
in their Tranny moment!
-Sheila Tolley-



Without A Single Vote

This sounds just like a scheme that Gavin Newsom’s Witch Aunt…..Nancy Pelosi  conjured up in her coven.
-Sheila Tolley-



Small countries, like small towns have huge ambitions—why not Estonia ???


Putin has left Ukraine with many small towns.


The Small Town Editor:  Are you a fan of rural living, LL ?

The Country Cat:  I sure am.  You can’t find a traffic jam, crime is lower than a democrat’s IQ, dope is plentiful.  Here is a small town with clean air.

These small towns rate a look for the happiest.

Our most secluded small towns.

Puerto Rico is as crooked as DC.  The Governor will work for the DNC when she serves her 30 days.


Taking the HOR and Senate in November will be a start.

It’s a small world.

More China news.


I include almost all teachers in the Randi Weingarten child abuse culture, since none of the other teachers are protesting.


Somehow, this is how I pictured Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. All it needs is a quarter moon on the door.  Does Al still owe the IRS millions ?

What will Miami do ?  Send them to DC.

The Terminal List.

Your government can’t protect you.  This is funny.

When the history is written the last 7 years will be recorded as the most corrupt in MSM/Democratic history.

Some are waking up.


Nature Showing Off…Part 3

New & Used

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Perseids and MAGIC
Image Credit & Copyright: Urs Leutenegger

Explanation: On August 11, 2021 a multi-mirror, 17 meter-diameter MAGIC telescope reflected this starry night sky from the Roque de los Muchachos European Northern Observatory on the Canary Island of La Palma. MAGIC stands for Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov. The telescopes can see the brief flashes of optical light produced in particle air showers as high-energy gamma rays impact the Earth’s upper atmosphere. To the dark-adapted eye the mirror segments offer a tantalizing reflection of stars and nebulae along the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. But directly behind the segmented mirror telescope, low on the horizon, lies the constellation Perseus. And on that date the dramatic composite nightscape also captured meteors streaming from the radiant of the annual Perseid meteor shower. This year the Perseid shower activity will again peak around August 13 but perseid meteors will have to compete with the bright light of a Full Moon.

Tomorrow’s picture: Portrait of the Eagle Nebula