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Freaking hilarious… Kamala unboxes evidence from Trump raid…

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What was inside Trump’s safe?





Are the children of the politicians and the rich being neutered at private schools ?


The Human Editor:  Who protects, prefers, or likes being around people with similar characteristics or traits, LL ?

The Study Of Human Nature Cat:  Almost everyone in the world would prefer to associate with people of like traits.

With all things being equal, cops would prefer to associate with law enforcement people.

Rich people want to be with rich people.

Baseball people would prefer people with an interest in baseball.

Blacks would prefer to be around Blacks.

Criminals prefer to associate with criminals.

People prefer to be around people who speak the same language.

White people prefer to associate with White people, with all things being equal.

It is human nature, and has helped the species survive for millions of years.

Some people don’t like who they are, so they want sex change operations on minors.  They want the power of the state to take away your rights for their own political motives.  The government doesn’t announce how Monkeypox is primarily spread so they do not stigmatize gay men. In the process, they create a national health emergency.

When was the last time a high ranking rich politician was prosecuted, except Trump ?   They are crooks and protect their own.  Kick out the CRT liars and LGBTQAI + creeps who want to convert children.

The biggest danger in the world has always been the rich keeping their money and power from the poor.  Race is the way rich people divide the poor.


Thank Joe and the dems.  These jobs are going to China–vote Democratic.

Germany expects mass gasoline riots.

New COVID procedure.

Nazi raid info.


The Nazi/dem/FBI were looking in Melania Trump’s closet for the new Victoria’s Secret perfume that repels mosquitos.

Some weather scientist suspect that the new perfume is causing ” energy jets ” that create disturbances in the Earth’s energy fields.

This is an actual training video of the Democratic/FBI preparing to assault Trump’s home in Florida.  A whistleblower says that Merrick Garland and the LGBTQAI + members wanted to see if their wardrobes were in style like Melania’s.

We know the FBI is a branch of the Democratic Party, so is the entire DOJ.

Ron is doing his part.

Vegas isn’t prepared for heavy rain.

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