The Editor:   Do cats like sports, LL ?

Trip You Cat:  No,  people shouldn’t put so much interest in them either.   They are just entertainment.  Plus, no one remembers any sports accomplishment that occurred before their memory.  Here are some that have passed my advisory board.   This is one of my favorite games and an Alabama player was mentioned in To Kill A Mockingbird.

Here is Amigo’s greatest team.

Here is a victim of polio making good.

This is a grandson of a slave.  Obama says individual exceptionalism doesn’t exist.

This is Amigo’s favorite athlete.

Here is a song for Margaret Coventry.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

King of Wings Hoodoo under the Milky Way
Image Credit & Copyright: Wayne Pinkston (LightCrafter Photography

Explanation: This rock structure is not only surreal — it’s real. The reason it’s not more famous is that it is, perhaps, smaller than one might guess: the capstone rock overhangs only a few meters. Even so, the King of Wings outcrop, located in New Mexico, USA, is a fascinating example of an unusual type of rock structure called a hoodoo. Hoodoos may form when a layer of hard rock overlays a layer of eroding softer rock. Figuring out the details of incorporating this hoodoo into a night-sky photoshoot took over a year. Besides waiting for a suitably picturesque night behind a sky with few clouds, the foreground had to be artificially lit just right relative to the natural glow of the background. After much planning and waiting, the final shot, featured here, was taken in May 2016. Mimicking the horizontal bar, the background sky features the band of our Milky Way Galaxy stretching overhead.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space


The Editor:   Are animals tricky, LL ?

Chuck Schumer Cat:    We sure are,  we have to be tricky, sneaky, wear disguises, and anything else to deceive our enemies.   The nearest humans to us are politicians, people like Schumer and Pelosi.

We have to figure out the reality of things.

TE:   Where do animals pick-up on guises, CSC ?

Fool Me Once Cat:   From watching the most dangerous, deceitful, greedy, of all creatures–people.  If there is an underhanded way to steal something they know it.

One thing we can’t do is avoid poison, when it is sprayed everywhere on everything.  People are killing their own children/grandchildren.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Black Hole Accreting with Jet
Illustration Credit: NASA, Swift, Aurore Simonnet (Sonoma State U.)

Explanation: What happens when a black hole devours a star? Many details remain unknown, but recent observations are providing new clues. In 2014, a powerful explosion was recorded by the ground-based robotic telescopes of the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) project, and followed up by instruments including NASA‘s Earth-orbiting Swift satellite. Computer modeling of these emissions fit a star being ripped apart by a distant supermassive black hole. The results of such a collision are portrayed in the featured artistic illustration. The black hole itself is a depicted as a tiny black dot in the center. As matter falls toward the hole, it collides with other matter and heats up. Surrounding the black hole is an accretion disk of hot matter that used to be the star, with a jet emanating from the black hole’s spin axis.

Tomorrow’s picture: rock and sky