The Editor:   Who are they,  LL ?

Not NFL Cat:   The NFL  is  lost.

Scientist don’t know much about how genes work, but are still screwing around.  These same people brought you GMO,  Agent Orange, RoundUp, and plastics that leach poisons.

Here is a sports character builder, and some people to use as a pattern for your life.

Santa can’t catch a break, nobody should deal with kids all day without a fifth of their favorite liquor.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Methane Bubbles Frozen in Lake Baikal
Image Credit & Copyright: Kristina Makeeva

Explanation: What are these bubbles frozen into Lake Baikal? Methane. Lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Russia, is the world’s largest (by volume), oldest, and deepest lake, containing over 20% of the world’s fresh water. The lake is also a vast storehouse of methane, a greenhouse gas that, if released, could potentially increase the amount of infrared light absorbed by Earth’s atmosphere, and so increase the average temperature of the entire planet. Fortunately, the amount of methane currently bubbling out is not climatologically important. It is not clear what would happen, though, were temperatures to significantly increase in the region, or if the water level in Lake Baikal were to drop. Pictured, bubbles of rising methane froze during winter into the exceptionally clear ice covering the lake.

Tomorrow’s picture: sky searchers