The Editor:   Is there any good news, LL ?

Not Really Cat:  Not very much.  I still wish victims would start suing mayors and governors of sanctuary places.

Any government sponsored/required insurance plan should require the drug maker to only charge what the lowest price is world wide.   Here are some more thieves.

Here are some Congresspeople in a caucus.

Europe has its own poison problem.  The last sentence in the article says a little won’t hurt you.

Disney is being sued again, after losing $ 200 million in a defamatory law suit.

Sharks are reported in Massachusetts.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Stars, Gas, and Dust Battle in the Carina Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Bastien Foucher

Explanation: Chaos reigns in the Carina Nebula where massive stars form and die. Striking and detailed, this close-up of a portion of the famous nebula is a combination of light emitted by hydrogen (shown in red) and oxygen (shown in blue). Dramatic dark dust knots and complex features revealed are sculpted by the winds and radiation of Carina’s massive and energetic stars. One iconic feature of the Carina Nebula is the dark V-shaped dust lane that occurs in the top half of the image. The Carina Nebula spans about 200 light years, lies about 7,500 light years distant, and is visible with binoculars toward the southern constellation of Carina. In a billion years after the dust settles — or is destroyed, and the gas dissipates — or gravitationally condenses, then only the stars will remain — but not even the brightest ones.

Tomorrow’s picture: interplanetary dust





The  Editor:   Are you ready for the eclipse, LL ?

Solar Cat:  I sure am.  Don’t look at it without the special glasses, you could go blind.  Here are some articles about the solar eclipse.  If you have a decent library they might have free glasses.  If they don’t you have to make do.   All libraries aren’t created equal.   Amigo’s librarian still thought Eisenhower was president.

I did read that Lowe’s has the special glasses.

You can use a colander.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Charon Flyover from New Horizons
Video Credit: NASA, JHUAPL, SwRI, P. Schenk & J. Blackwell (LPI); Music: Juicy by ALBIS

Explanation: What if you could fly over Pluto’s moon Charon — what might you see? The New Horizons spacecraft did just this in 2015 July as it zipped past Pluto and Charon with cameras blazing. The images recorded allowed for a digital reconstruction of much of Charon‘s surface, further enabling the creation of fictitious flights over Charon created from this data. One such fanciful, minute-long, time-lapse video is shown here with vertical heights and colors of surface features digitally enhanced. Your journey begins over a wide chasm that divides different types of Charon’s landscapes, a chasm that might have formed when Charon froze through. You soon turn north and fly over a colorful depression dubbed Mordor that, one hypothesis holds, is an unusual remnant from an ancient impact. Your voyage continues over an alien landscape rich with never-before-seen craters, mountains, and crevices. The robotic New Horizons spacecraft has now been targeted at Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU 69, which it should zoom past on New Year’s Day 2019.

Tomorrow’s picture: stars versus stardust


The Editor:   What is Burning Man, LL ?

Burn This Cat:  It is a party in the desert where people get drunk/stoned/high burn a likeness of Kim Jong Mentally Ill Un, and then go home.

If you want higher-end neighbors try these homes.

Disney is paying $ 200 million for lying.

Kids drink beer in Filthydelphia because it is cheaper than sodas.  You can be too sweet.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona
Image Credit & Copyright: Miloslav Druckmüller (Brno U. of Tech.), Martin Dietzel, Peter Aniol, Vojtech Rušin

Explanation: Only in the fleeting darkness of a total solar eclipse is the light of the solar corona easily visible. Normally overwhelmed by the bright solar disk, the expansive corona, the sun’s outer atmosphere, is an alluring sight. But the subtle details and extreme ranges in the corona’s brightness, although discernible to the eye, are notoriously difficult to photograph. Pictured here, however, using multiple images and digital processing, is a detailed image of the Sun’s corona taken during the 2008 August total solar eclipse from Mongolia. Clearly visible are intricate layers and glowing caustics of an ever changing mixture of hot gas and magnetic fields. Bright looping prominences appear pink just above the Sun’s limb. A similar solar corona might be visible through clear skies in a thin swath across the USA during a total solar eclipse that occurs just one week from tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s picture: New Horizons over Charon



Watch out for fake eclipse glasses.


The Editor:  Is someone having a rat rodeo, LL ?

Eek, Eek, Cat:  The New Yorkers are worried about rats again.  They should clean the rat-hole up, or hire more of these guys.

Here is a surprise, Roundup causes cancer ?  The FDA/EPA was busy picking up their brown paper bags full of cash.

Not to be out done Victoria’s Secret contributes to Chinese Pedophiles.

Forest fires help wild bees.  I guess the bad part would be burning down their colony.

Are Cubans using sonic weapons ?  They are probably playing the rap stuff.   It makes you stoopid-look at Maxine Waters.