Astronomy Picture of the Day

Dark Molecular Cloud Barnard 68
Image Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO

Explanation: Where did all the stars go? What used to be considered a hole in the sky is now known to astronomers as a dark molecular cloud. Here, a high concentration of dust and molecular gas absorb practically all the visible light emitted from background stars. The eerily dark surroundings help make the interiors of molecular clouds some of the coldest and most isolated places in the universe. One of the most notable of these dark absorption nebulae is a cloud toward the constellation Ophiuchus known as Barnard 68, pictured here. That no stars are visible in the center indicates that Barnard 68 is relatively nearby, with measurements placing it about 500 light-years away and half a light-year across. It is not known exactly how molecular clouds like Barnard 68 form, but it is known that these clouds are themselves likely places for new stars to form. In fact, Barnard 68 itself has been found likely to collapse and form a new star system. It is possible to look right through the cloud in infrared light.

Tomorrow’s picture: from jupiter




I am proud to say that I was brought up in a family who had morals, manners and respect for others.

It has taken me seventy years to shed those positive attributes. Actually, my positivity did not Jump ‘Sheila Ship’ until the recent election conversion took place. Like a Thief In The Night…Republicans were robbed…but maybe not….It Ain’T Over Until Donald Trump Tells Me It Is Over.

What I wish to point out today are obvious weird phenomenon that will take your mind off this PENDING ELECTION!


Zuckerberg and Dorsey to be quizzed by Senate following Biden vote victory - BBC News

Really, I am so serious…look closely at Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t you want to draw some bangs and a mustache on him? Nothing will convince me that he is not a reject child of the royal family. I guess the sun does not shine in England. He is whiter than milk-of-magnesia. The least the billionaire could do is help his brother, Prince Andrew, who was stupid enough to hang around with Bill Clinton as they molested children.

You have seen, Twitterman….Jack Dorsey, the freak on the right before, allow me to refresh your memory. I know you remember the famous GEICO lizard commercials. I always loved that little lizard. Then GEICO decided they should expand their base. You know, like “The New Coke” fiasco. Jack Dorsy auditioned for the “It is so easy a caveman can do it” segments.

The rest is history, people.

Hunter Biden stumbled onto these two at a strip bar in Arkansas and said…

“Hi there, I am the son of ‘The Big Guy’….Follow me, I want to introduce you to this Chinese fellow. He will make your fortune cookie be forever sweet. Just a small piece of advice, I learned the hard way…..Use a condom with these strippers.”





This is worth repeating.


This guy is a big Reverend Wright fan.  He also hates the military.


The Election Editor:  Did the Republicans have a successful election, LL ?

Nyet Cat:  They made a lot of inroads in minority votes, but with the Presidency in limbo and Georgia’s 2 Senators in a runoff it wasn’t successful.  Since Obama made Executive Orders common place, the President has more power to control things.  Here are a few winners.

Republican women did great.

Anyone who thinks Americans will unite behind Antifa and BLM is a fool.  Speaking of the Antifa and BLM branches of the Democratic Party, they have chosen the Chevrolet Bolt as their official car.  No gas is needed it catches on fire without any help.

Happy Birthday Joe, you old senile communist rascal.

Pengra Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-20-15 Pengra Covered Bridge – Built in 1938 in Lane County by Lane County spanning Fall Creek on Place Rd., single span, 120 feet long, Howe trusses

Oregon Bridge #14727. Cost $4,500. The Pengra Bridge replaced an earlier covered bridge built a short distance upstream in 1904. This structure has the longest known timbers for an existing covered bridge. The lower chords are 16″ x 18″ x 120′. They were cut by the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company east of Springfield. Since the 18” timbers were too large to run through the mill, they were rough-hewn in the woods, transported to the site and finished there. In 1979, the bridge was closed to traffic because of its deteriorated condition. It was rehabilitated with a grant from the Oregon Covered Bridge Program in the early 1990’s and reopened. The bridge was near the Pengra station of the Southern Pacific Railroad which was named for B.J. Pengra, a pioneer who became general surveyor of Oregon in 1862. Pengra Unity Road, now known as Place Road, is on the former railroad grade.





Astronomy Picture of the Day

Mars and Meteor over Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Image Credit & Copyright: Jeff Dai (TWAN)

Explanation: A brilliant yellowish celestial beacon, Mars still dazzles in the night. Peering between clouds the wandering planet was briefly joined by the flash of a meteor in this moonless dark sky on November 18. The single exposure was taken as the Earth swept up dust from periodic comet Tempel-Tuttle during the annual Leonid Meteor Shower. The view of a rugged western horizon looks along the Yulong mountain range in Yunnan province, southwestern China. Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain lies below the clouds and beyond the end of the meteor streak.

Tomorrow’s picture: dark marking on the sky