Good Morning



Here is some history of Ukraine.  In 2014 Obama and the CIA started messing around.  The same CIA that brought you the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Trump’s rally.

Another crooked political family is exposed.  Nothing will happen because too many movers-and-shakers are criminals/traitors.

Alvin Bragg is a liberal-radical-crooked ex-cop.  Family members of crime victims need to organize.  The one by one eulogies won’t get the crooks out of office.

I hope Mitch makes some sparks fly.  He is a ” R “, but not an America First guy.

Almost every organization, that once did admirable work, is political now–that’s where the money is.

MST thinks this is funny.  Chris should join the above mentioned ADL.  Will Rogers once said, “When the Oakies left Oklahoma and moved to California, it raised the I.Q. of both states.” That quote applies here. When Chris left Fox to go to CNN, it raised the IQ of both networks.


Let’s see some ads knocking the dems.  Joe & Kamala are poor targets.  They might not be around in 2024.  The party is the enemy of America.

Netflix may have to fire Obama.


Help beat the Wuhan.  The free Margaritas only lasted 2 minutes.


The Cold Editor:  What did your poll from our loyal readers reveal, LL ?

Answer Cat:  81 % want to see ads in non-sanctuary states reminding everyone that:  THE DEMOCRATS, not Joe or Kamala, are responsible for the shortages.  They want to see some ads.

TCE:  What else, AC ?

They want to see everyone switch to Skittles.  The Brown Democrat Latinx MM looks slutty in the high heels.  The new Green Woke Version looks like a street-walker in Go-Go Boots.

This rider got justice.

This should answer our many golf questions about who will replace Paige Spiranac.

This is a crash scene where democrats were harvesting voting ballot boxes.  The missing leader has since been captured.  I wonder if the little dems were infected with Fauci viruses.

Adele cancelling her Vegas engagement is more bizarre than looking at Pigleosi’s eyebrows.

Let’s get rid of Joe and get the right man.





A Real Teacher

Teacher of the Year – The Armijo Signal



When I was a HS sophomore – decades ago! – my World History teacher was Mrs. Holloway, but we all called her Granny Holloway. She was a slight woman, scarcely 5 feet tall, seemingly fragile, but full of vim and vinegar….you know the type. She could speak for hours about the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Inquisition, the Industrial Revolution, and the World Wars. She never sat while she lectured, never stood at a lectern, but moved around the room making eye contact with all of her students. She was demanding too, and I can’t remember how many papers were sent back to me because she would note “you can do better than this, Miss Schaal.”

One day during class, an office aid interrupted her lecture to hand her a note. She read it silently, apologized, and said she needed to leave the room. We knew it had to be important because Granny Holloway stopped lectures for no one.

We sat in the room talking to one another when the door opened, and in walked Mrs. Abels, another teacher in our HS. She explained to us that Granny had been faced with an emergency, a serious one, and it was questionable if she would even be returning to finish out the semester. We were stunned. Would we get a chance to tell her goodbye? Would we get updates, so we would know she was ok? Mrs. Abels assured us that we need not worry, that Granny was safe but needed time away, and that the best thing we could do for her, and the best way we could show our devotion to her, was to be cooperative with her replacement. Mrs. Abels confirmed that she had been asked and had agreed to step in as Granny’s replacement.

Cheer up, she told us, this could be a good thing. Other teachers still believed in endless homework and projects with deadlines and hard work. She would not bring that into our class. She believed in clean slates. If there were grades that we did not like, she could give us a chance to bring them up. She asked us what suggestions we had to make the semester a better learning experience. Someone mentioned that lectures were boring and we wanted more films. Done, she said. Someone else mentioned that a free day now and then would help us if we needed to catch up on work in other classes. She didn’t see a problem with that. She asked us how we felt about an end-of-semester party. Um, yeah, sounded very good to us. And on and on. Mrs. Abels listened intently and agreed to all of our suggestions, continually emphasizing that her concern was that we have a good learning experience and enjoy the semester. She also reminded us that we were lucky to not be sent out to other classes where we would be working to catch up, and that of course this was all for Granny.

Near the end of the period, shortly before the bell rang, the door opened and Granny sauntered in with her usual Granny Holloway attitude. “How did they do?,” she asked. “Marvelous,” said Mrs. Abels. “They were completely in my hands.”

Granny then faced us and said “And that, my students, is how a dictator takes over a nation. Not with guns or tanks. They do it using promises and gifts.”

I can’t remember a lesson all through 12 years of public school that made such an impression on me, and has stayed with me.



More Good Ones….

Good Ones

Look at that……

Old Piglosi must have left home in a hurry…..she forgot her little Adolph Hitler mustache.
-Sheila Tolley-

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Carina Nebula North
Image Credit & Copyright: Roberto Colombari

Explanation: The Great Carina Nebula is home to strange stars and iconic nebulas. Named for its home constellation, the huge star-forming region is larger and brighter than the Great Orion Nebula but less well known because it is so far south — and because so much of humanity lives so far north. The featured image shows in great detail the northern-most part of the Carina Nebula. Visible nebulas include the semi-circular filaments surrounding the active star Wolf-Rayet 23 (WR23) on the far left. Just left of center is the Gabriela Mistral Nebula consisting of an emission nebula of glowing gas (IC 2599) surrounding the small open cluster of stars (NGC 3324). Above the image center is the larger star cluster NGC 3293, while to its right is the relatively faint emission nebula designated Loden 153. The most famous occupant of the Carina Nebula, however, is not shown. Off the image to the lower right is the bright, erratic, and doomed star star known as Eta Carinae — a star once one of the brightest stars in the sky and now predicted to explode in a supernova sometime in the next few million years.

Tomorrow’s picture: moon date

Signal for HELP

I hope you will pass this along to your children, grandchildren, and friends.



I want to see some people testify to Biden’s nominee as a smoker, joker, midnight toker.  I want a male stripper testifying and at least 1 creepy porn lawyer representing him.  I want drunken sorority stories of her drunk and having sex with witnesses that no one can name, at houses they can’t identify, with memories as bad as Joe’s.

Here is a good democrat calling Senator Sinema the C word.  I hope Krysten remembers it when the vote comes up for Biden’s new commie nominee for the Supremes.

A new plane load of midnight illegals.  Impeach FJB.

Hirono is retarded.

Biden is making a non-crisis so he can save America from the Ruskies.


What a surprise.

I left my crowbar in San Francisco.


This is one reason Republican supporters get discouraged.  When their candidates win they are weak and too nice.  They need to be ” Bastards & Bitches ” like Nancy & Schumer.

What a man.


The History Editor:  Who is your great American for today, LL ?

The Rough Rider Cat:  Today’s great American had his statue removed from the American Museum of Natural History, located in commie NYC, NY, USA.

I bet my orange spots that almost everyone reading this has a bear named for this President.

The Hershey Bears have a Teddy Bear contest.

Here are some facts about Teddy.

We can surely get by without the self-righteous liberal/radical/dems who try historical figures by today’s laws, customs, rules, etc.  Go burn down a building and do a little break-snatch-and loot.

Here’s to Teddy.  Instead of one of Psaki’s Margaritas, have a Bloody Mary.