The Land That Made Me Me





Electronic news.  Obama and his cronies need a raise at Netflix.  OAN isn’t liberal enough.

If Bill Clinton isn’t listed, it is incomplete.


Endemic means it will be like our current yearly flu, it isn’t ever going away.

Nancy Pigleosi is spotted in Argentina.


Police save pilot.

There is a plan.


Other Verse Editor:  What is in store for our future-almost-reality, LL ?

Fantasy Verse Cat:  It will be wonderful.  I hope the robots are ready. People will stop working to be in Fantasy Land.  The robots will have to do the work.  Here is one opinion.  Personally, my cat money is on sex being the top choice.

The Onion.  Get the facts on new diet.

Sotomayor and alleged FBI non-involvement at Capitol.

Britney is working on virtual-nudity.  She needs a friend to intervene.

Hugh Hefner’s widow is now real.

Does this have a sex bed like the new Cadillac ?


You will enjoy this….

Sex Lives of the Golden Girls

Shocking, Funny & Informative