This is how the Republican Senators can prevent another Radical Liberal Judge.  We can see which R’s to vote out at their next election cycle.  Go visit the Wall Street Bull.


Number 1.

I wonder how Biden is spelled in Mandarin ?

Biden has probably already given the Chinese the whiteprints.

Joe is the democrat in charge.


Americans need to take back all schools and their courses of study.  I like this article.

The Hobbits are in a pickle.


This isn’t surprising.  The dems control the DOJ, DC, and the Capitol–Nancy and Bowser.

This might be good news.


The Mammal Editor:  What’s up with porpoises and dolphins, LL ?  Don’t confuse the two.  It looks like porpoises have wings.

Ocean Cat:  You can’t throw a dead fish without hitting a dolphin.

Hamas, one of the many terrorist groups in the Middle East, claims to have captured a “Zionist Terrorist Israeli Suicide Bomber Dolphin.”

TME:  Did they torture the killer and get it to talk, OC ?

All they could get it to say was eek, eek, eek, like a combination of Kamala & Flipper.  The spy must have called for help, a big pod showed up.  It was like Democrats at a flag burning.

Members of Congress & Biden need to shave half of their head and have “Made In China” tattooed on them, like my Spider tattoo.  This is like American Flags flying over Congress being made in Chinaland.

This only applies to regular XY men, no trans, we, sexual fluidity, them, us, bi, tri, LGBTQIAEOU’s.

RIP Ronnie Spector.




Alec Baldwin’s new lawyer

When you give a blonde a band-aid

3 in 1

Philosophy, Poetry and Art

Strength & Faith

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Western Moon, Eastern Sea
Image Credit & Copyright: Tom Glenn

Explanation: The Mare Orientale, Latin for Eastern Sea, is one of the most striking large scale lunar features. The youngest of the large lunar impact basins it’s very difficult to see from an earthbound perspective. Still, taken during a period of favorable tilt, or libration of the lunar nearside, the Eastern Sea can be found near top center in this sharp telescopic view, extremely foreshortened along the Moon’s western edge. Formed by the impact of an asteroid over 3 billion years ago and nearly 1000 kilometers across, the impact basin’s concentric circular features, ripples in the lunar crust, are a little easier to spot in spacecraft images of the Moon, though. So why is the Eastern Sea at the Moon’s western edge? The Mare Orientale lunar feature was named before 1961. That’s when the convention labeling east and west on lunar maps was reversed.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend