Trump in Arizona.

These are the same tactics and plans used against Trump by the dems and media for 5 years.  It is still going on with Maggot Nancy and the January 6 lies.

National Public Radio ( NPR ) should be broadcasting from Havana, Cuba.

Virginia is back on track.


The temperature/climate deals are just that.  They are ways for rich people to get richer with tax payer money.  It’s a joke–just like terrorism for 20 years with an open border.

Why not, America is on life-support.


We need some abuse of power investigations, and an impeachment vote.  Kevin has a short memory.  Elect Marjorie Taylor Greene as Speaker.

Get ready for 2-22-22.


The This And That Editor:  Wut up, LL ?

You Know Cat:  Here is some good news about sea turtles.

As long as you are reading about nature, learn about trees.

Do you remember when CNN and MSNBC were cursing Trump for killing this terrorist/murderer—very funny.

TTATE:  Does America have Royalty, UKC ?

No, but the Billionaires in America run a tight ship.  They give hundreds of million dollars to Political Action Committees ( PAC ) not counting payoffs to candidates.  Some politicians never have enough.

All of the BS is scooped up and given to the new Governor and Mayor.

This is a good Big Pharma spokesman.

Movies lack color because the producers are evil people with dark personalities who would just as soon kill you as snort a pound of Cocaine.  See if you can tell the difference in these items.

Texas Sayings….Part 4


I feel lower than a gopher hole.
I feel so low I couldn’t jump off a dime.
She eats sorrow by the spoonful.
You look like you were sent for and couldn’t go.
Sad enough to bring a tear to a glass eye.
He looks like the cheese fell off his cracker.

Small, Thin

She’s frying size.
He’s knee-high to a grasshopper.
He’d have to stand up to look a rattler in the eye.
About as big as the little end of nothing.
Half as big as a minute.
No bigger than moles on a chigger.
Scrawny as Ace Reid cattle.
Nothing between the horns and hooves but hide.
Thin as a bar’s ear.
Thin as a gnat’s whisker.
Thin as store-bought thread.
Thin as Depression soup.
Thin as a fiddle string.
Thin as a rake and twice as sexy.
Flat as a fritter.
So skinny she has to stand twice to make a shadow.
So skinny you could give her a Big Red and use her as a thermometer.
So skinny she shades herself under the clothesline.

Bad, Mean

He’s such a liar he’d beat you senseless and tell God you fell off a horse.
He was born sorry.
He’s so low he’d steal the widow’s ax.
He’d steal his mama’s egg money.
He’d steal the flowers off his grandma’s grave.
He’d steal the nickels off a dead man’s eyes.
No-account fellow.
Bitter as gall.
Tough as nickel steak.
Tough as stewed skunk.
Tough as whang.
Mean as a mama wasp.
Friendly as a bramble bush.
She makes a hornet look cuddly.
A she-bear in satin.
Rough as a cob.
He looks like a sheep-killing dog.
He lies like a tombstone.
He wouldn’t scratch his own mama’s fleas.
He’s got horns holding up his halo.
We’re not on borrowing terms.
You’re so low you have to look up to see hell.
He’s so low you couldn’t put a rug under him.
He jumped on me with all four feet.
A real revolving son of a bitch.


He jumped on me like a duck on a June bug.
He jumped on me like white on rice.
He can blow out the lamp and jump into bed before it gets dark.
He gets there in one-half less than no time.
Quick out of the chute.
Fast as greased lightning.
Fast as small-town gossip.
Faster than a prairie fire with a tail wind.
Faster than a scalded cat.
Faster than double-struck lightning.
Faster than a sneeze through a screen door.
Going like a house afire.
Hell-bent for leather.
Any faster and he’d catch up to yesterday.
In a New York minute.


His breath’s so strong you could hang out the washing on it.
That coffee’s so strong it’ll put hair on your chest.
Coffee so strong it’ll walk into your cup.
Coffee so strong it’ll raise a blood blister on a boot.
He’s so strong he makes Samson look sensitive.

His breath’s so strong you could hang out the washing on it.
Illustration by Regan Dunnick


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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Chamaeleon Dark Nebulas
Image Credit & Copyright: Jarmo Ruuth, Telescope Live, Heaven’s Mirror Observatory

Explanation: Sometimes the dark dust of interstellar space has an angular elegance. Such is the case toward the far-south constellation of Chamaeleon. Normally too faint to see, dark dust is best known for blocking visible light from stars and galaxies behind it. In this four-hour exposure, however, the dust is seen mostly in light of its own, with its strong red and near-infrared colors giving creating a brown hue. Contrastingly blue, the bright star Beta Chamaeleontis is visible just to the right of center, with the dust that surrounds it preferentially reflecting blue light from its primarily blue-white color. All of the pictured stars and dust occur in our own Milky Way Galaxy with — but one notable exception: the white spot just below Beta Chamaeleontis is the galaxy IC 3104 which lies far in the distance. Interstellar dust is mostly created in the cool atmospheres of giant stars and dispersed into space by stellar light, stellar winds, and stellar explosions such as supernovas.

Tomorrow’s picture: icons over australia