Joy to the world.

Go work for the DNC or Clinton Library.   She is a Black Pigelosi ( without the charisma–LOL ).

RIP Sidney.


Union teachers can’t compose a letter.

Maybe they can become cowpokes.


Apple picks up where they left off in 2021.

The Canadians have a mystery disease.

AOC likes curly-fries and Florida sunshine.


The New Editor:  What is a refresher about, LL ?

I Identify As A Monkey Cat:  It’s to remind our loyal readers about American Culture.  A lot of things might have been jumbled-up in 2021.  Here is a refresher of the generational names of Americans.  One correction I make in the list is the generation born between 1900 and 1945.  They are The Greatest Generation ( since 1776 ).  They survived The Dust Bowl, Prohibition, The Stock Market Crash, defeated A Monarchy in Japan, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Communist USSR in the Cold War.  They also gave Black Americans equality with the 1960’s voting rights laws.

According to this article, the Millennials didn’t do much.

This house is for the co-founder of BLM, she has 4 houses at last count–a real woman of the people.

The very left “Guardian News” in England stopped their woman of the year voting when J.K. Rowling ( author of Harry Potter  ) was ahead.  She said a few months ago that there are 2 sexes.

Speaking of failures, the National Organization of Women (NOW) and all other women’s organizations abandoned 99 % of American Women.  They were joined by the Baby Boomers and  Gen X’ers in letting men compete in women sports/activities.

Keep up-to-date with your Bidenese.

Dinosaurs did it.

Here is a technology communication tip.


Chart of Facts

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Quadrantids of the North
Image Credit & Copyright: Cheng Luo

Explanation: Named for a forgotten constellation, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower puts on an annual show for planet Earth’s northern hemisphere skygazers. The shower’s radiant on the sky lies within the old, astronomically obsolete constellation Quadrans Muralis. That location is not far from the Big Dipper, at the boundaries of the modern constellations Bootes and Draco. In fact north star Polaris is just below center in this frame and the Big Dipper asterism (known to some as the Plough) is above it, with the meteor shower radiant to the right. Pointing back toward the radiant, Quadrantid meteors streak through the night in the panoramic skyscape, a composite of images taken in the hours around the shower’s peak on January 4, 2022. Arrayed in the foreground are radio telescopes of the Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph, Mingantu Observing Station, Inner Mongolia, China. A likely source of the dust stream that produces Quadrantid meteors was identified in 2003 as an asteroid.

Tomorrow’s picture: shrinking red spot