ON MY SOAPBOX…The Pendulum Swings



Today, I shall give the Pendulum of Words a little push backwards. It seems to be stuck in a rut of woke dialect or tangled in a vine of Social Media acronyms and jargon.

Remember when a person would send you a memo or email asking your opinion/permission about a situation. For example: Let’s say a friend borrowed my double-boiler because she was making Hollandaise Sauce.  She may send me an email asking: “Will it be Okay if I return your boiler tomorrow instead of this afternoon?” I would reply, “Sure that will be Okay.”

A few years passed and The Alphabet God decided there was an upcoming shortage of vowels on the horizon. We should no longer use the word Okay, it was forever replaced with OK. (OK, you got that, right?)

Then….the mighty cell phone was born. It changed our entire world and, once again, the Alphabet God became very nervous. He checked his Alphabet Garden and noticed the Vowels were once again in short supply. He immediately placed more restrictions on the use of vowels. The once friendly Okay, which had become OK, officially became K. (K, you got that right?)

I was just trying to kill some time while I finished my glass of Pinot Noir, so I decided to explain the demise of the word Okay.

Now lets  move on to my word that I wish to pull back from the past. I will push very hard against the Pendulum of Words, all the way back to the 16th century, until I find the word BUFFOON.

Oh, there it is….

“Buffoon” is not a term you would apply to someone you admire. The American Heritage Dictionary defines “buffoon” as  “A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.” In common usage today, the synonyms that “buffoon” calls to mind are “blowhard,” “pretentious fool” and “loud-mouthed idiot.” The modern connotations of “buffoon” are harshly contemptuous, and it’s very doubtful that even a professional circus clown would feel comfortable being labeled a “buffoon” these days.

I am not joking, grab your dictionary and look it up for yourself. It has Joe Biden’s picture as the illustration.

I’m sure you have heard about Biden calling, Fox News Reporter, Peter Doocy “A Stupid Son Of A  Bitch” while on a Hot Mike.  Biden started the name calling because Peter asked him about inflation rather than to query his favorite flavor of ice cream.

I would never leave you without an appropriate acronym for Old Joe, in this new WOKE world.

Very fitting, in my opinion, dedicated only to Joe Biden, a new and improved description for SOB…..


(K, you got that, right?)

Hot mic – Brambleman



Trump is trying.  Don’t forget, it isn’t Trump the dems hate, it is his American First Belief.


There is no Trump-DeSantis feud.  The media is trying to split the party.


This is a pitiful ad.  It shows the same professionalism as the ” shrunken Jimmy Caaarrter photo. ”   FJB


Joe might abandon our Carrier Group.


Biden and the msm are good commies.



This is great news.  Maybe he can give some Justice to the school board/administrators–like 5 to 10.




Nancy has changed her mind about tearing down the Washington Monument.  Now the founders hung the moon.  The dems are also planning on blaming their 2022 losses on corruption.





Far Out Editor:  What misdeeds have you uncovered, LL ?

What Condition Cat:  The usual screw the taxpayer crimes.  I get tired of it, but maybe it will inspire one patriotic American to make a difference.  The first is Baltimore.  If you have a good memory, one mayor about 5 years ago said the looters needed space to express themselves–what a trip.


Virginia is turning around.  Local control works.


Take a stress free universe trip.


For a stress free flight, don’t wear sleepwear, swimwear, or anything that shows more breast than a cow.  Wear a mask or stay home.  Personally, I think people should be placed in pods.  Leave your emotional support hogs, chickens, rats, and Congress people at home.


Most HOR members work from home now, or lie about their location.


Sideline reporters save coaches from embarrassment, some are funny.



The Bee.


Los Cabos,  Baja California ( Mexico ) looks like a good place to visit, if the drug cartels don’t kill you.  It’s probably as safe as any democrat run American Sanctuary City.


This is 1/3 of my Mexican Library.









DIY: Refinishing Furniture

If you are considering any furniture projects that require shellac, take my advice….buy your shellac now. The varnish will be impossible to find in less than a year. Come November, the demand will be greater than the supply! (I hope I am RIGHT!)
-Sheila Tolley-

Two Lessons….The second one nails it!

 Music That Lives Forever

Enjoy some great 50’s music and poor quality 50’s videos.

From the Good Old Days….when you occasionally lied to your parents about your whereabouts….and Mark Zuckerberg, The FBI and China were not recording your every move.
-Sheila Tolley-


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Video: Comet Leonard over One Hour
Video Credit & Copyright: Matipon Tangmatitham (NARIT); Text: Matipon Tangmatitham

Explanation: Which direction is this comet heading? Judging by the tail, one might imagine that Comet Leonard is traveling towards the bottom right, but a full 3D analysis shows it traveling almost directly away from the camera. With this perspective, the dust tail is trailed towards the camera and can only be seen as a short yellow-white glow near the head of the comet. The bluish ion tail, however, is made up of escaping ions that are forced directly away from the Sun by the solar wind — but channeled along the Sun’s magnetic field lines. The Sun’s magnetic field is quite complex, however, and occasionally solar magnetic reconnection will break the ion tail into knots that are pushed away from the Sun. One such knot is visible in the featured one-hour time-lapse video captured in late December from Thailand. Comet Leonard is now fading as it heads out of our Solar System.

Tomorrow’s picture: colorful star clouds