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Run Kamala run.  I hope Joe takes all the sofas out of his basement.  Loyal reader MST said, Kamala passed the sniff test.


Maxwell Diary.  Bill Clinton has six ( 6 ) more trips than Brunel on Epstein’s airplane.


Pick your favorite face mask.



The Kung Flu Editor:  Is this about the Wuhan Flu, LL ?

Privilege Cat:  It is about having  ( SARS-CoV-2 ) COVID-19 Wuhan Chinese Communist Red Death To America Flu Immuno-privilege.  I guess the next privilege that White people are getting is Immuno-privilege, what ever that is.

American elite Democrats should take a lesson from history, before banning it from schools.

Any vaccine will also be a problem.  Congress exempted the vaccine makers from lawsuits by us.

The Ruskies say they have a vaccine.  They should test it on the speakers at the DNC convention, then the Chinese Communist Government.

Here is a proposed list for the Democratic speakers at their rat convention.

Their theme song is a classic.  They whisper it behind locked doors.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Jupiter and Saturn Rising Beyond Alien Throne Rock
Image Credit & Copyright: Marcin Zając

Explanation: What planets are those behind that unusual rock spire? Saturn (lower left) and Jupiter.  This month, after sunset, the bright planetary duo are quite prominent toward the southeast.  Now your view of our Solar System’s largest planets might not include a picturesque hoodoo in the foreground, nor the spectacular central band of our Milky Way Galaxy across the background, but should be quite eye-catching anyway.  The featured image is a composite of consecutive foreground and background exposures all taken in late May with the same camera and from the same location — the badlands of the  Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness in the San Juan Basin in New Mexico, USA.  The rock spire, informally dubbed ‘Alien Throne’, stands about 3 meters tall. Saturn and Jupiter will remain visible together after sunset for several months.

Tomorrow’s picture: Space S