Very Interesting…..

2 thoughts on “Very Interesting…..

  1. I like what he has to say. Why can’t some of these educated college students understand this? That would be because they are educated Idiots. I think we have a pandemic of “Educated Idiots”.

    • The problem is I know A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE my age and younger who fall for this BS. What is wrong with this age group? I am not speaking of those in nursing homes. I am speaking of those who shopped the day away before China gave us the virus. Why do these grown people want big unemployment checks instead of going to work? When did the people who are the age of your and my children become unappreciative of the fantastic job market that Trump created? Why are perfectly healthy individuals in their fifties on disability? I will tell you why. Sorriness. Laziness. If they cannot get on disability from true medical reasons….they get that Special Lawyer who advises them to say they are mentally incompetent. I know this is true…I know the parents and I know the young, “in their fifties” individuals who are getting the ‘Well-Planned” disability checks. It is disgusting.

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