Stockbroker Advice

Wise Words from stockbroker, Edward Jones, when asked about what to buy, this stockbroker said:

“If the current government is in office much longer … canned goods, a generator, water and ammunition would be your best investment.”


Good Ones




These traitorous generals have to be tried.


I didn’t know the Yorkers used banned public words.

This whole debacle has and is being covered up by the press. Maybe the people will wake up.  The dems can suck it.

This case is getting odder.

The South Carolina weird shooting.



We replaced Paige Spiranac as our golf insider with a new representative who isn’t slutty.

Here are some correct chain uses, from loyal reader RW.


Vote for someone who promises to get Google either out of politics or being a biased search engine—Break them up.

Joe used these rules to abandon American Citizens in Kabul, and liberate it for the Kabulans.


Grammar Editor:  So we can keep persuasive, pervert, and pervasive clear in our loyal readers drug induced fog, could you define pervasive, LL ?

Everywhere Cat:  Sure, it means everywhere, and usually unwelcome news.  Like plastic is everywhere on Earth, and Roundup is found in polar bears.  Read the entire definition-don’t be a grammar-shirker.

Here are two striking articles about the dems, MSM, and fascist influence.  Biden is replacing Trump appointees in positions that I have never heard of.  Obama did the same thing with Army Generals–to get a more WOKE armed force.

The replacements will support CRT–1619 Project and other BS at the Service Academies.

Another example of the traitors work is placing a warning label on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

The Bee update.

The storm is coming.