Filibuster update

By: Mike Huckabee


Among the many things I tried to warn voters about before the 2020 election was that if the Senate were tied, Democrats would attempt to do away with the filibuster so they could cram a radical left agenda down America’s throat with just 51 votes. They did that with the “COVID-19” bill that did more to bail out corrupt blue state leaders than it did to fight the virus, but that was passed off as a “budget reconciliation” bill. That trick won’t work for everything, so now, the push is on to eliminate the filibuster.

President Biden is pushing for it. Democrats like Dick Durbin, who previously said it would spell the end of the Senate as the Founders intended it, are now all for it. And “moderate” Sen. Joe Manchin is already wavering under pressure, signaling that he would be open to “weakening” the filibuster, like making Senators who cite it have to keep talking 24/7, which would mean merely delaying the radical bills rather than stopping them.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell was unusually blunt in responding to this latest attempt at a radical left power grab. He warned Democrats that if they “break the Senate,” they can’t even begin to imagine the “scorched earth policy” that Republicans will put them through. He said the partisan gridlock of the Obama and Trump eras will look like “child’s play” compared to what will be unleashed. Mincing no words, he also compared it to a “100-car pile-up.” He’s previously talked about what that would look like, with Republicans using every parliamentary procedure and rule of order in the book to grind the Senate to a dead halt so that nothing could even get out of committee, much less make it to a vote.

It’s certainly not a recipe for effective government, but when the alternative is the kind of high-taxing, budget-blowing, freedom-crushing, government-bloating radicalism we’re seen from the Democrats so far, then gridlock would, indeed, be the best thing for America.