More examples of this “crazy generation and so called geniuses”


(Note: The Night Watch masterpiece by Rembrandt is 13 by 16 feet in size.  This is just too sad!)



I don’t expect a live in-person address.  I expect a PRE-RECORDED address that took 10 hours to record and take out all the stumbles, bumbles, mispronounced words and forgetful pauses.

Number six ( 6 ) accuses Emmy Award winning Cuomo.  The Democrat Hero.  Were women of color also abused ?


Biden’s dogs have turned into killers after watching the Chinese Wolf video.  Besides attacking Liberals the Secret Service is concerned that Biden will trip over them again.  Remember the White Houses uses Zoom a lot–it uses a platform in Communist China.  The dogs believe they are wolves—–be careful.  This is an un-developing story–stay tuned.

The press only have Harry’s wife and a dog to write about.  My confidential source says the dog has been locked in the basement with Joe for a year, and is more psychotic than Joe.  Was the mauling victim a person of color ?  Was the dog on Zoom with the Chinese Wolf ?  Why wasn’t a viscous killer removed from society forever.  Give him an Alka-Seltzer and turn him loose in the HOR, Pigleosi would stay in California another month.


This is an ” about time change. “

MAGA has two meanings.


There are no questions about who Vincent is in bed with.


Chip Chip talks of democrats with many faces.


The Royal Editor:  The Duchess or Maybe Duchess of Whine has a lot of loyal readers wondering if you can explain how the Royal Family works, LL ?

The Royal Reporter Cat:  I sure can explain, mainly because cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt.  The invading infidels kicked us out, that’s we we still have an attitude.  Here are some Royal facts.

TRE:  You almost need a computer to keep track of the possibilities don’t you, TRRC ?

You sure do, I use one like was used to keep track of Bill Clinton’s sex crimes, and currently to keep track of Cuomo’s increasing sex accusations from his employees.

Thankfully we can’t have Royalty, but that doesn’t stop government employees from robbing, embezzling, and getting kickbacks for favors done while in office.  Here is a Dynasty out in the once Golden State.

Maybe Nancy’s nephew will be let go.

Prince Harry’s wife gives hope and inspiration to the oppressed.  She has a lot more White Privilege than a mixed race woman should have.  The White Privilege Guidebook allows her a $499.999.00 house and 2 used cars.

Sorry Meghan, you are too late to play the race-card, the oppressed card, and poor me card.