Today is the first day of Spring-North of the Equator.


Cuomo is also crude.  They are trying to change the rules, and give Cuomo the Bill Clinton Lite punishment.


This is pretty tame compared to the outright lies, about Trump, from 90 % of the media for 5 years.

Here is another dem loser ( representing you ).  The border isn’t a crisis, it’s a disaster.

Most masks don’t work.


The Pope is no joke.

Old Grammy winners.

Here are more brain-dead-dem celebrities.


The Twin Editor:  Can you make decisions on similar or not,  LL ?

I Can Tell The  Difference Cat:  I sure can.  The first example is why you should question anything on the internet, and especially anything in the news media.  The news media is easy to understand—just take what they say and reverse it.

Here is a good example on our Southern Border.

Start practicing now—reverse everything she said.

It isn’t a crisis, that’s why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been ordered to help.  They help with disasters like hurricanes, and 9-11.

Here is an example of Biden’s humanity.  Dead on arrival ( DOA ).  I have about worn out this topic, the daily news links will have future screw-ups.

TTE:  Can you comment on the Pigleosi Swamp Sow, ICTTDC ?

I couldn’t make a personal comment, that would be unethical and unprofessional, but over 1 percent ( about 3,310 ) of our loyal readers said they wanted Karma to pay a visit to Nancy, her husband, children, grand children, pets, all kin, friends, pets, her staff in the HOR,  her ice cream supplier, her liquor supplier, and anyone who voted for her.

Let’s get a new case before the current court.  They might hear what we are saying.


Gilkey Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-22-04 Gilkey Covered Bridge – Built in 1939 in Linn County by Linn County spanning Thomas Creek on Goar Rd., single span, 120 feet long, Howe trusses

There is some confusion about the Gilkey Bridge’s construction date. A plaque on the structure indicates 1939, but the Linn County engineer’s office has stated that a 1936 Albany Democrat-Herald article noted it was constructed that year.