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Herschel would make a good Governor or candidate against Senator Warnock, the commie.

This is funny.  Biden has his own sexual attack on an employee, and K. slept her way up the sleaze ladder.


Parents can take control of their schools or have the same relationship with their children as they have with the USPS person.  They might have to use the same plan as anarchist use in Minnesota.


This is one answer.

One day we will return the past.  These are older than Dianne Feinstein.

I like this one, a Cuomosexual.


This is coming to America.

Where are the FBI agents that worked on the Capitol case ?  It’s all a game.  Expel 4-letter-word Nancy.


Chauvin, Cuomo Diary.  Ole Andy has victim number 7 to come out of hiding.  Cuomo could work at the Clinton Library.

I’m leaving some older articles in to show the power of the press.  Cuomo was the Radical Hero.  Trump went thru 4 years of lies.


The Language Editor:  Are words morphing, LL ?

Every Few Months Cat:  They sure are.  The first is  ” optics. ”

Another is ” whataboutism. “

A favorite old one is ” kinetic intervention ” it’s the political/military PC name for war.

Here is an overlooked one ” news “, it means what the media says it means.  I have named the companies a hundred times.

Here are some that have no meaning to regular readers, racism, white supremacist, equity, social equality, and systemic anything.

Social Media Influences are the new deal.

TLE:  The dog cages on the Southern Border have turned into ” welcoming spas ”  for the Democrat’s border jumpers.

From now on The Sphinx will refer to the Party as the Democrat Party.  It’s a grammar decision.

Normal is banned.

Domestic terrorist aren’t BLM/Antifa who burned American cities for 10 months, but White Americans who oppose the dems.  That’s their plan.

The brats are in charge.

Try to understand this.  It’s confusing.

If you let anyone, government, news, or other races make you feel guilty or make you think you owe them something for being Caucasian, you are a fool.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Flag Shaped Aurora over Sweden
Image Credit & Copyright: Mia Stålnacke

Explanation: It appeared, momentarily, like a 50-km tall banded flag. In mid-March of 2015, an energetic Coronal Mass Ejection directed toward a clear magnetic channel to Earth led to one of the more intense geomagnetic storms of recent years. A visual result was wide spread auroras being seen over many countries near Earth’s magnetic poles. Captured over Kiruna, Sweden, the image features an unusually straight auroral curtain with the green color emitted low in the Earth’s atmosphere, and red many kilometers higher up. It is unclear where the rare purple aurora originates, but it might involve an unusual blue aurora at an even lower altitude than the green, seen superposed with a much higher red. Now past Solar Minimum, colorful nights of auroras over Earth are likely to increase.

Tomorrow’s picture: meteor heard