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ON MY SOAPBOX…There was a time



There was a time in my life when I would have felt sorry for old Geezer PINO Biden. Not anymore!

The recipient of a stolen election ran for president 3 times. The Democrats finally found a way to electronically put him in the oval office. They started him off on Day One with a stack of executive orders that was taller than Cuomo’s corpses and #metoo violations combined.

I am sure you remember when Joe Biden made fun of President Donald Trump when he slipped one time on a ramp.

Well, well…PINO Biden got some payback today. Watch the following link. I just love the first sentence.

 Joe Biden Be Trippin’

 3 times obama/Xi Jinping’s Puppet tripped.

If they had shown up a few minutes earlier….they could have seen…

Kamala Harris  Be Waxin’ those steps.





Putin should have told Joe to show us video of dead children on the Southern Border Badlands, and illegal dems meddling in his election.  All media reports from the Border have been shut-down by Transparent Joe.


This is for young readers who believe freedom is easy.

This guy is protecting freedom.

I hope this is one gone RINO.


No food—no troops—bring our troops home.

The Armed Forces are in deep-trouble–these people should be fired when a decent American is President.  They are Democrat Boot Lickers.

The Chauvin-Cuomo Diaries.


The Veteran Editor:  Has the military become political, LL ?

Just Like Xi Ping’s Army Cat:  They sure have Joe ( Nancy & Schumer who control the Capitol Police )  have made the Pentagon a bed-buddy.  The Capitol Police are different from the DC Police.  N and S are keeping the National Guard at the Capitol.  The fenced in area, with razor-wire on top is about 3.2 miles long.

The Pentagon Officers are giving their advice in public, which is forbidden.

This is a read bump.

Here is more political intimidation by the Democrats, with the National Guard of Guam.  Our long time readers will remember a MENSA member Democrat from Georgia, USA, saved the Island of Guam.

Maybe The Pentagon is helping the Chinese, like Joe and England.

All about sperm, ovum, and eggs.

Don’t take samples from DC, they have insufficient funds.

This is great.

The NYT toads are crybabies.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Central Lagoon in Infrared
Image Credit & License: NASA, ESA, Hubble; Data Archive: MAST, Processing: Alexandra Nachman

Explanation: Stars fill this infrared view, spanning 4 light-years across the center of the Lagoon Nebula. Visible light images show the glowing gas and obscuring dust clouds that dominate the scene. But this infrared image, constructed from Hubble Space Telescope data, peers closer to the heart of the active star-forming region revealing newborn stars scattered within, against a crowded field of background stars toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy. This tumultuous stellar nursery’s central regions are sculpted and energized by the massive, young Herschel 36, seen as the bright star near center in the field of view. Herschel 36 is actually a multiple system of massive stars. At over 30 times the mass of the Sun and less than 1 million years old, the most massive star in the system should live to a stellar old age of 5 million years. Compare that to the almost 5 billion year old Sun which will evolve into a red giant in only another 5 billion years or so. The Lagoon Nebula, also known as M8, lies about 4,000 light-years away within the boundaries of the constellation Sagittarius.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend