ON MY SOAPBOX…There was a time



There was a time in my life when I would have felt sorry for old Geezer PINO Biden. Not anymore!

The recipient of a stolen election ran for president 3 times. The Democrats finally found a way to electronically put him in the oval office. They started him off on Day One with a stack of executive orders that was taller than Cuomo’s corpses and #metoo violations combined.

I am sure you remember when Joe Biden made fun of President Donald Trump when he slipped one time on a ramp.

Well, well…PINO Biden got some payback today. Watch the following link. I just love the first sentence.

 Joe Biden Be Trippin’

 3 times obama/Xi Jinping’s Puppet tripped.

If they had shown up a few minutes earlier….they could have seen…

Kamala Harris  Be Waxin’ those steps.





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