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All future videos of Joe climbing Air Force One steps will have to be done with telephoto lenses.


The MSM could get a drone and film the border catastrophe.

Coke Zero has some black cans.  Make 21 % of your Board Members Black, fire the White dudes.


One way to pick anything.


The Question Editor:  Can you answer some questions without having to circle back, LL ?

You Bet Cat:  I sure can.

Can anyone publish or broadcast anything from an anonymous source on Cumberland, YBC ?

No, Nyet, Never.  You can’t for one reason, you can’t verify the information.  The media says that whistle blowers won’t come forward without secrecy.  Let the news media open a GoFundMe account in case the whistle blower gets fired.  Some examples are Meghan Markle, an unnamed person in the Royal family, and Alexander Vindman a once military officer.

People like these toads spread lies, innuendo, rumors, gossip, and their own political opinions with no proof, and the media keeps publishing it forever.

Most of the MSM need a good cleaning out, but they are protected, putrid dems.

This is a long article on the Georgia, USA, voting fraud.

So far in Georgia, USA, you still can’t marry siblings.

There is no answer for this, Pit Bull & Mixed Breed Pit Bull dogs should be banned by each state.  If the politicians don’t enforce the law they should be liable for a million dollar personal fine-out of their pockets-to the victims family, and imprisonment for manslaughter.

There is no question that the Pentagon is too fat, has become political, and needs a new attitude.–this-time-to-tucker-carlson-n2586372