4 thoughts on “Piglosi Pic Of The Day

  1. Just what is Piglosi afraid of? We know it is not the Devil,because they are best friends, and she works for him. All I can say is we are really in the end days, and if you do not know if you are prepared to meet your Lord. Now is the time to get your self on the solid rock, or you will be spending eternity with Piglosi and all her friends. Think about that.

  2. A fitting name for her. This is what happens when one party seizes Washington. We can thank McConnel and a few others for that fiasco. Hopefully, she will be paid a visit by the tall dude carrying a sickle.

  3. It makes Russia and China look like home! Where else than in commie countries do you find the government buildings hiding behind barbed wire fences and walls. What are they afraid of?? They are afraid we the people will take our country back from these commie thieves. But they don’t have to be afraid there are so many sheepel the real people can’t make it any more.
    We are now witnessing the last of the freedoms of the USA as they are being removed by presidential orders, the stroke of Biden’s pen..

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