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ON MY SOAPBOX…Move away from the stairs, biden is tryin’ again



In case you have not heard PINO Biden is threatening a Gun Ban today, because he is the Master Of Gun Bans. (Link follows at the end of post)


“The name of the Colorado murderer is…Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. List his name along with the roster of Muslim/Islam murderers who took down The Twin Towers and killed 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001. Then add all the Muslim/Islam  murderers who are currently serving life sentences for murder in America. Don’t forget to include the ones who were released by the democrat elected geniuses so they would not be exposed to the chinese virus.

Maybe we need Muslim/Islam Control or a Muslim/Islam Ban?

Leave our Second Amendment alone.

RE-Secure our southern border and deport every illegal that you have already allowed to PARADE INTO AMERICA sporting their JOE BIDEN T-shirts.

I know wishing that Air Force One was higher off the ground would be an exercise in futility, but I sure wish the incline was more severe. I have fell down a few steps in my life, but I have never seen a person fall UP the stairs, 3 times during one climb. 

The way I see it, you simply must start flying commercial like John Kerry. Perhaps he can help you find the correct seat and you can hold his mask in place.

My beautiful FLOTUS, Melania Trump managed those Air Force One steps with such ease, grace, elegance and style…

While wearing Stiletto heels!”




TRUMP WILL FORM HIS OWN PLATFORM, LIKE TWITTER.  Ignore the biased Post comments.


There is too much news.  Last week a GoFundMe for Meghan & Harry ( multi-millionaires ) collected $110.00 dollars–now a Billionaire wants you to bail out a friend.

Check your local weather forecast.

Here is a pet collar recall.


Change your baby in the new Abrams tank.  The Army is looking for a few good pregnant killers.


Biden brings killer dog back to the White House after he mauls an employee.  The reason was the dog makes decisions on the budget.


The Change Editor:  Do things always change, LL ?

The Remodeling-Renovation Cat:  They sure do.  One thing that you shouldn’t let anyone change is from The Declaration of Independence.

This headline should read, Cop does his duty after being shot by drug dealer driving stolen car.

This dictionary changes/adds a lot of words.

Don’t change your good attitude.

This does need changing, but by breaking the monstrosities up when we get honest government employees.

Here are more changes.

Change those entrance exams.

Some things change so much that anything goes.