I never had a husband that I don’t remember

“In Retrospect..I Love This Song….LOL”
-Sheila Tolley-



Amen, Dr. Seuss…..







Being neighborly…..


Another reason why women live longer than men




How many of you would drink antifreeze or Roundup weed killer?  Would you rub acid on your hands and face ?  How about taking the mRNA Covid Vaccine ?   Would you do that ? I want you to just think about it.  I fear what it could do to my body, perhaps, you should fear it also. God gave us a mind and a discerning spirit to know what is good for us or bad for us.  God’s word in 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us, “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Lord who lives in you ?”  We are to be careful how we take care of our bodies.


I just read an article about the many toxic ingredients in the disinfectants that we are now using.  They can give rise to antibiotic resistant bacteria, birth defects and more. I am sure much of the anti-germ-killing supplies we are using are coming from China, along with their cheap mask, and shields that we go out and buy.  Isn’t that a Hoot! They give us this COVID, then our senile old Commander and Thief sends them millions to support their Lab in Wuhan China, and we continue to buy all their crap.  I guess Hunter needs more money.


I am sure the Dems have had this Fake Pandemic in the making since Trump was sworn in. They had a plan to destroy Trump, and they did not care who they took down in the process.  It has definitely pulled the wool over the eyes of many people, young and old, and harmed more people mentally and physically, than we will ever know. Many people are just too easy to be led into bad situations without thinking them through, or doing their research.


Life is really short and a bad choice can make it even shorter. Why would anyone trust our Democrat led Government ?  The Commander and Thief is letting Illegals by the thousands per day in to our America. They are being bused all across the country, many of them with COVID, but you and I must pass a COVID test before we can fly out of the country.  “Come on Man,”  Something is wrong with this picture.  Remember when you were little and you wanted to do something because little Johnny or Suzie was doing it? Your Mom would say, “Would you jump off a bridge if Johnny or Suzie did ?”