Oh Yeah…You want to watch this….

C’mon, Albert Bourla…CEO of Pfizer, answer the questions! You and all your COVID compadres are all accessories to Murder! 

After your little cowardly stroll down the street, avoiding Hard-Ball questions, do me a little favor. After you slither behind the Communist/Socialist  rock wall of security at WEF in Davos:

Take your ears off MUTE, consume a few strong drinks to settle your nerves then….Please locate Brian Kemp…the Governor of Georgia, USA…….when he is looking his happiest …Tap him on his shoulder and tell him:

There are people in Spalding, County, Georgia, USA who still have not had their electricity reconnected after the tornado last week. Huge trees still cover homes in Spalding County.

I am so glad I never voted for Kemp in any primary….and never will.
RINO Brian Kemp is not concerned….
This Ain’t No Election year!
-Sheila Tolley-

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