WATCH…as they TRY not to laugh

Put Me In Coach….

Maybe the little boys of your TEE BALL Team will guide you in the right direction. Just tell those Lil Fellas the story about how you ‘Whipped Corn Pop.’ That should get you a little respect.

If that doesn’t work, you can always threaten them with your famous quote: “NOBODY F’S WITH A BIDEN.”

Run along now…‘Knock Yourself Out,” “Break A Leg”… they say.
-Sheila Tolley-


If you know any of the WOKE species, please explain this to them.
They AIN’T real bright, you know.
-Sheila Tolley-

Funny lines…Share a Smile

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  I used to be able to do cartwheels. Now I tip over putting on my  underwear.

   Hate it when I see an old person and then realize we went to high school together.

  I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes… so she hugged me.

  My wife says I only have 2 faults. I don’t listen and something else….

  At my funeral, take the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into the crowd to see who is next.

  I thought growing old would take longer.

  I came, I saw, I forgot what I was doing. Retraced my steps, got lost on the way back, now I have no idea what’s going on.

  The officer said, “You drinking?” I said, “You buying?” We just laughed and laughed…. I need bail money.

  Day 12 without chocolate. Lost hearing in my left eye.

  Scientists say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons.

  The adult version of “head, shoulders, knees and toes” is “wallet, glasses, keys and phone.”

  A dog accepts you as the boss… a cat wants to see your resume.

  Oops…. did I roll my eyes out loud?

  Life is too short to waste time matching socks.

  Wi-fi went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family. They seem like nice people.

  If you see me talking to myself, just move along. I’m self-employed; we’re having a staff meeting.

  I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food.

  Some people call me crazy. I prefer ‘happy with a twist’.

  My doctor asked if anyone in my family suffers from mental illness. I said, “No, we all seem to enjoy it.”

  I really don’t mind getting old, but my body is having a major fit.

  Camping: where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person.

  Project Manager. Because Miracle Worker isn’t an official job title.

  I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an appointment for Tuesday.

  The world’s best antidepressant has 4 legs, a wagging tail and comes with unconditional love.

  Love is how excited your dog gets when you come home.

  I’ve reached the age where my train of thought often leaves the station without me.

  If you’re happy and you still know it, it’s your meds.

Conservative Only MEMES



Garages are worse than closets full of skeletons.


It’s tough being the child of an NFL owner.  Everyone is White.  They don’t own the Black players, just their contracts.


The Word Editor:  Do cats have enemies or opponents, LL ?

The Merriam-Webster Cat:  To cats opponents are more like competition in sports or things similar.  Enemies are life threatening, in the world of cats.  One thing you should remember is this.  Learn to say NO.

Another is from Michael.

The Democrats & Progressives are experts at exempting all the sexual/gender preferences, criminals, and American hating Americans from any consequences of their actions.  They are sex/race hustlers.

There is nothing unnatural or wrong with disliking something.  The Democrats are experts, but you don’t have that right.

This guy is a male, man, not female.  He needs counseling, not for you to change your beliefs.

Biden’s spokeswoman is a woke-race-hustler.

People like these control your future, not someone you elect.  The elected people are toads of the rich.

Buzz gets married at 93 years old.  His wife is 63.  Buzz still has the right stuff.

These are graphic videos.  It’s a Black on Black murder.  Memphis has been controlled by dems for over 40 years.  The current police chief is Black.  Maybe America has criminals in control, from the dog catcher to Joey.


See the comet.  It might be foretelling Doomsday.

This looks like a Democrat, if you threw an American Flag over it.


The Doomsday clock moves forward.  Thank the Democrats.


After Air Force One, any organization that accepts donations is a politicians best buddy.

Another impeachment charge that will be ignored.


This happens when another country makes your medical supplies.

The HOR is trying.

Good riddance.

Gavin Newsom ( Pigleosi’s Nephew ) should be in a mental institution.

The lawbreakers have to be impeached and removed from government.  Garland and Wray need to be first.  It won’t happen, but make them spend some time and money.  The courts are just as criminalized.

This has to be a statue of Moochelle.  The Kardashin Butt gives it away.

This is a shame.  They didn’t even masturbate on the air like Toobin at CNN.*qo955l*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY3NDgzODQ5My42NDkuMS4xNjc0ODQwMTkxLjAuMC4w&_ga=2.247314817.443833512.1664884726-690018301.1664884726

California voters voted for it.

Joey is a good nominator.  Let’s see who votes for her.

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