I feel like this bird looks!  Mad as Hell!

UNIMAGINABLE HATE…That is the only way I can phrase the amount of hate that I feel for the windmill freaks of the world. You people who kill our birds and now our fish because you are money-hungry, greedy bastards. I use the word bastards as a generalization because I reserve the “F” word for people that I hate less than windmill freaks.
-Sheila Tolley-

Take a look at this picture. It is the migration path of thousands of birds. They paved their path in the sky many years ago.

This would be my Dream-Come-True:

That Walmart would build a new facility in the drive way of every money-hungry, greedy windmill freak. I am just curious to know if it would interfere with their standard migration path to the airport to board their private jets.

3 thoughts on “UNIMAGINABLE HATE…

    • I understand that, Benjamin, I really do. BUT…it infuriates me to no end. I was (truthfully) about to go and pray about my attitude…but I was afraid Jesus would put me in Time Out. ‘Cause my mind AIN’T changing…I hate these sorry bastards.

  1. It hurts my heart to look at the damage it is doing to those gorgeous birds, and the largest fish in the Ocean washing up on the shores of the North East. How very sad that the greediness of people cause the death of these animals. I would never do this, but if I were to go out and kill an Eagle or wale for sport they would put me in jail.

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