Bird’s Eye View



I have been waiting for the Dems to make another fatal error so that Trump could regain some momentum. Well, true to the history of the Democrat Party, they have provided Trump with a remarkable opening that will surely last until the November elections. That issue is the defunding of police departments across the country. This is an issue right out of the leftists’ playbook “Rules For Radicals.” The problem with this issue is that the Dems have no answers when it comes to basic security for the common guy and family. Who will answer the 911 phone? Who will protect me if confronted with a criminal? Will the mayor be available to provide support when an emergency happens? Will the mayor be willing to forego his police protection? Who will investigate a murder? Who will ensure that drivers follow the local speed limits? Trump’s job approval is now at 38% but I think that is not bad considering what has been thrown at him this year. He will start his campaign rallies in about 2 weeks and I think we will see his number climb from now until November. As soon as Biden starts campaigning instead of working from is basement bunker we will see the differences in the two candidates. The dems want to hide Biden as long as possible because they know when he speaks he will once again become the gaff machine that they cannot hide.

The defunding issue plays right into Trump’s wheelhouse of law and order. Biden has quickly come out with a statement indicating that he does not support defunding the police because he has already seen the poll numbers on this issue. But his party is the one pushing the issue so whether he likes it or not he owns this issue. Just think of all those white suburban women who voted for Clinton in 2016 and again for Democrats in 2018 who clearly don’t support this issue. It is going to be hard to convince these people that the Dems will not demand defunding if they take control of Washington. Safety and security is the number one function of government and the Dems have decided to pass. In a recent poll, 72% of the people had a favorable view of their local police force. Good luck trying to go against that number!

I see that Colin Powell has noted that he will vote for Biden in November. Powell claims he is a member of the Republican Party but he voted for Obama two times and Clinton in 2016. So he continues with at least 4 elections not having voted for a single Republican. I would say that he is the classic poster child for a RINO! This is the guy who will always be remembered for his WMD speech at the UN. I guess he just needs to refresh his 5 minutes of fame every 4 years. Maybe Trump will consider him to be our next ambassador to Iran if he wins in November. If that post is already reserved he could also be a candidate for the ambassador to North Korea!

I suspect that many of the cops in Minnesota are already sending out resumes looking for employment in friendlier communities. This morning Bernie Kerik indicated that more than 600 New York City police officers are quitting after the recent riots in that city and the lack of any support from the mayor. Hopefully a couple of these left wing mayors will follow through and eliminate the entire police organizations in their cities. How long will it be before the armed gangs start controlling the streets? Then they will call for the ban of all weapons, except those used by the criminals. Please just do this before November so voters will have a clear choice on this issue. How long before people start moving to safer communities?

Finally, this is just my personal opinion. I believe Tucker Carlson’s major goal on his nightly program is to see how many bombs he can throw in a 60-minute period. He likes to attack anything and everything while trying at the same time to always take the high moral road. After his opening monologue he then brings forward a number of guests, each getting one or two quick questions and then he is off to the next issue. After sitting through a 60-minute program, I often come away asking myself what exactly I learned and often answer nothing. So I have started watching Newsmax instead and find their programs have much more informative. I see that Newsmax has hired Micelle Malkin to host a new program. They have several former Fox News people working there now and the programming is geared to conservatives. They also have a number of contributors who previously worked for Fox (until Fox decided to shift programming to more center of the road). They also picked up at least one WH reporter (Emerald Robinson) who previously worked at OAN. Greg Kelly has a friendly news show at 7 pm nightly on Newsmax with guests that rival Fox News and in some cases exceed Fox News. My take is that Newsmax is now the news organization that Fox News was when they began operations a few years ago. Give it a try if you prefer conservative news coverage.



Vanishing Pastry

On a visit to New York, an Englishman and a Scotsman go to a pastry shop. The Englishman whisks three cookies into his pocket with lightning speed. The baker doesn’t notice.

The Englishman says to the Scotsman, “You see how clever we are? You’ll never beat that!”

The Scotsman says to the Englishman, “Watch this, a Scotsman is always more clever than an Englishman.”

He says to the baker, “Give me a cookie, I can show you a magic trick!”

The baker gives him the cookie which the Scotsman promptly eats. Then he says to the baker, “Give me another cookie for my magic trick.”

The baker is getting suspicious but he gives it to him. He eats this one too. Then he says again, “Give me one more cookie.”

The baker is getting angry now but gives him one anyway. The Scotsman eats this one too. Now the baker is really mad, and he yells, “And where is your famous magic trick?”

The Scotsman says, “Look in the Englishman’s pocket!”