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ON MY QUOTEBOX….Too many acronyms, not enough charges

“Why aren’t these BLM/ANTIFA’S  who set fires to buildings charged with arson? Why aren’t the CHOP/CHAZERS charged with trespassing? Why aren’t the WILD IDIOTS who are tearing down our statues and history charged with destruction of property? Why aren’t all these so-called peaceful demonstrators in JAIL? We must have plenty of empty jail cells since they have released all their other criminals to protect them from The Wuhan Virus. WHY?


The questions were much simpler in my day, like…Who put the bomp In the bomp shoo bomp shoo bomp and  Who put the ram In the rama lama ding dong?


I have a feeling I will find answers to my Who questions long before my WHY questions.”

-Sheila Tolley-



Let’s see if the rest of America wants no cops like these Democratic run cities and states.  Vote Democratic.


Two can play.


Junior Editor:  Is everyone influencing our education system, LL ?

Home School Cat:  It sure seems like everyone has a little Benjamin Franklin influence.  Here are a few institutions of higher graft.

Ohio wants their share.

Harvard gets a special section, because nobody does it better.

It never ends.

If it wasn’t for the Chinese bribing our school officials and politicians the trade deficit would really be terrible.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The X-Ray Sky from eROSITA
Image Credit & Copyright: J. Sanders, H. Brunner, A. Merloni & eSASS Team (MPE); E. Churazov, M. Gilfanov, R. Sunyaev (IKI)

Explanation: What if you could see X-rays? The night sky would seem a strange and unfamiliar place. X-rays are about 1,000 times more energetic than visible light photons and are produced by violent explosions and high temperature astronomical environments. Instead of the familiar steady stars, the sky would seem to be filled with exotic stars, active galaxies, and hot supernova remnants. The featured X-ray image captures in unprecedented detail the entire sky in X-rays as seen by the eROSITA telescope onboard Spektr-RG satellite, orbiting around the L2 point of the Sun-Earth system, launched last year. The image shows the plane of our Milky Way galaxy across the center, a diffuse and pervasive X-ray background, the hot interstellar bubble known as the North Polar Spur, sizzling supernova remnants such as Vela, the Cygnus Loop and Cas A, energetic binary stars including Cyg X-1 and Cyg X-2, the LMC galaxy, and the Coma, Virgo, and Fornax clusters of galaxies. This first sky scan by eROSITA located over one million X-ray sources, some of which are not understood and will surely be topics for future research.

Tomorrow’s picture: inverted cloud city