Our God Given Rights

Constitution and God-given Rights


First we were seeing Dr. Fauci on TV every day almost 24/7. Once a bigger event of news came along, Fauci lost his seat in the spot light to the protesters. Good Bye Dr. Fauci, I hope to never see your face again. Although, I am sure he will do his very best to resurrect himself in the fall at the first sign of a fever, providing new tricks and all the same scare tactics, ready to lock us all down again. After all he did say earlier that the virus would most likely be back in the fall, and we would be in for a very “Dark Winter”. We just went through a dress rehearsal where everyone was in lock step; everyone obeyed the law; stayed at home; did not break curfew; we used our mask, and sanitizers. We were in a tragic event and were all good little sheeple. “We were so easy to control”.

Now let’s move on to the Protesters. Yes, it is our right to protest and we find ourselves in another different type of a tragic event. People behaved very badly, in fact out of control in all the worst ways. These Heathens set fires, damaged and spray painted our WWII Memorial and other monuments at our Capitol. They set fire to the historic St. Johns Church in Wash D.C. just a block or so from the White House, burning banks and businesses across our Great Country throwing bricks and flammable objects. Those that participate in these acts are breaking the law, and should go to jail and have their day in court. One of the Protesters that was arrested on Sunday Night was the 25 year old daughter of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was in the middle of the street holding up traffic. (D) Congress Woman’s Ilham Omar’s 17 year old daughter, was found to have been on an Antifa Affiliated Account. She had a series of tweets that read, as calls to action against the police, wanting to help out  her comrade  protesting at the 3rd precinct in Minneapolis. Now wasn’t that nice! She wanted to help out her Comrades. She should be in Jail at this moment. I wonder if she was a child that was conceived when Ilham was married to her Brother? (D) Congress Woman Ilham Omar has been vocal in her support of the riots stating “Our Anger is Just; Our Anger is Warranted.” In case you have not noticed, the Democrats are supporters of this desecration of our Country, and I believe in more ways than one.

If you are not a praying person, I employ you, now is the time to pray that those Democrats will find their butts out on the Street after the elections. They are all use-less and do not work half the time anyway. They have resorted to the lowest of tactics to try and topple the Trump Administration. Now is the time to Pray.

I leave you with an excellent u tube video, I am sure that you will find it very interesting. Hope that you will take the time to watch it.

God Bless Our Country, and our MAGA President.



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