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CountryBaconMan had a question….

In my post today titled, “And The Winner Is Whitey” CountryBaconMan had a question for me. He asks, “Who wrote the book of love?”

I do not like to leave such serious questions unanswered so I immediately called Mr. Googleman to find the answer for this fine gentleman. Well, I did not actually have a need to call, because Mr. Googleman hangs around my house (and yours) all the time.

I just opened the front door and motioned for him to come on in.

In reply to my question…he said that The Monotones sang The Book of Love. I said, “I did not ask you who sang The Book of Love, you bumbling fool, I asked you who wrote it.” He said he did not know the answer, so I kicked him out of my house.

Mr. Googleman was quite intimidated, since I made him feel stupid, and said he was never coming around me again.

I do not know what I will do now. I am lost. I depended on him to keep up with my every move and thought…like a Good Spy should.

I will be like Joe Biden now. I will not know where I am, where I have been or where I am going. Oh, well, I guess I will just…

Go back to my basement.

-Sheila Tolley-





The Editor:  What is with real estate, LL ?

Not Real Cat:  Here are some recent items.

If you are stupid here is a deal for $50,000 per week ( driver included ).

The plump hermit shows his home.

Pigleosi is removing portraits of racist Democrats from our HOR.

Here is a news propagandist and a non-voting member of the HOR from DC, where the mayor isn’t enforcing the law against rioters, complaining.  Too funny.

Be thankful for your home.