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ON MY QUOTEBOX….Flag on the play


“Be sure to keep your contact info updated for Drew Brees (Saints) and Colin Kaepernick (Nowhere) in case you ever need assistance in what was once your “AMERICA.” They have no respect for our Flag/Military/Country/ but I am sure they will rush right over when our country needs help. In case of a future emergency, Don’t call ICE they have been eliminated. Don’t call the Police, they have been defunded. Call a Quarterback.”

-Sheila Tolley-



For our Georgia, USA, voters-Ossoff agrees with the Seattle terrorist.  Maybe he can open a Georgia chapter.



The Editor:  Did you misspell Donald’s name, LL ?

Effin Cat:  I sure did.  It was Donald’s birthday on June 9, 1934.  Here is his first cartoon.  If you look closely MS Hen has a Dr Birx scarf and grows AOC corn.

If this mayor spent as much time protecting black citizens as she does F’n, she would be a great mayor.

TE:  This item is notable because of the ” F ” word.  The woman sounds like a member of the Hollywood crowd, late night cable creep comedians, or CNNSUX–MSNBCSUXMORE.

Uh-oh, another crooked politician.

These three ( 3 ) might get justice.

The only common thing these people share is hate, like the dems in Congress and the MSM.