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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Atmospheric Ring of Venus
Image Credit & Copyright: Pete Lawrence (Digital Sky)

Explanation: Why is Venus surrounded by a bright ring? Sometimes called a ring of fire, this rare ring is caused by the Sun’s light being visible all around an object. Usually seen around the Moon during an annular solar eclipse, the ring of fire is also visible when either Venus or Mercury cross the face of our Sun. In the featured pictured taken last week, though, Venus did not pass directly in front of the Sun — the complete atmospheric ring was caused by sunlight refracting through Venus’ thick atmosphere. Venus passed within one degree of the Sun during its inferior conjunction, as it moved from the evening to the morning sky.  The extreme brightness of the nearby Sun made capturing such an image very difficult — the featured image was only made possible by using a temporary filter to block direct sunlight. The image was captured from Thorton, Leicestershire, UK. The pervasive blue sky glow indicates that the image was actually captured during the day.

Tomorrow’s picture: orion’s mountains



This time has come.  Federal taxpayer money should not be given to schools that prohibit free speech.

The Cicadas time has come.

Oh, look.


The Guest Editor:  Did you think of that title, LL ?

Plagiarize Cat:  I sure did, with Joe Biden’s help.  It’s not important who thought of it.  The important thing is that the time is now.

Armies cannot stop an idea whose time has come. No army can stop an idea whose time has come. Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come

TGE:  What is the idea, PC ?

I’m Ready Cat:  We are going to eliminate all police forces/departments in America.  Here are the MENSA members to get on board so far.

Here are a few more.

We are ready, we will use this slogan to get America fired up.  Joe said he wrote it for JFK. ” We choose to do this because it is hard.”

Now that I think about it, it is a stupid idea.  Trump reminds me of Kennedy, Biden reminds me of Obama or Jimmy Caaaarter.

If you have anything of value, money, cars, homes, property, pensions, 401s, and many other things I wouldn’t support this idea or any Democrat.  The past weeks look too much like this.  We already know they support illegals, rioters, looters, and killers before Americans.  You haven’t seen anarchy until a couple of electrical power stations are disabled.