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The cost of beer….

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A conversation between a man and woman. Please note that she asks five or six questions which he answered quite simply, but then she is speechless after he ask only one simple question. l bet this happens more often than not:

Woman: Do you drink beer?

Man: Yes

Woman: How many beers a day?

Man: Usually about three

Woman: How much do you pay per beer?

Man: $5.00 which includes a tip (this is where it gets scary!)

Woman: And how long have you been drinking?

Man: About 20 years, I suppose

Woman: So a beer costs $5 and you have three beers a day which puts your spending each month at $450. In one year, it would be approximately  $5400 correct?

Man: Correct

Woman: If in 1 year you spend $5400, not accounting for inflation, the past 20 years puts your spending at $108,000 correct?

Man: Correct

Woman: Do you know that if you didn’t drink so much beer, that money could have been put in a step-up interest savings account and after accounting for compound interest for the past 20 years, you could have now bought an airplane?

Man: Do you drink beer?

Woman: No.

Man: Where is your airplane?





Temporary Editor:  What’s up with the Democratic Convention, LL ?

FDR Cat:  This is a bizarre year.  Here are some choices.

Milwaukee is out as a host city.  The convention will be on TikTok, the Chinese owned social media site.

One thought is that Joe won’t actually speak, several dems will tell how great he was in 1988.  He helped Strom iron his sheets.

Another rumor is that he will appear as a hologram, like Elvis did with Celine Dion.

CNNSUX said that this guy with Trump was really born in Hawaii, and will be a surprise nominee.  He has been out of sight lately, reportedly brushing up on his English.

If we see Hill-gal, we will know it is fixed.

Nancy will be there ( Biden has loaned her his memory ).

This article is funny.  Keisha Lance Bottoms let rioters almost burn down Atlanta, like Sherman in the olden days.  Keisha then let rioters burn down a Wendy’s, and take over the location as some kind terrorist boutique.  She then called one of her policeman a murderer on national TV.  He will probably be found innocent, if he can get a change of venue for his trial.

This black woman seems qualified.