Watch This….( I hope Piglosi does)

2 thoughts on “Watch This….( I hope Piglosi does)

  1. Dear Mrs. Pelosi. Take a knee for all the innocent black children murdered in the last month. Take a knee for the hundreds of shootings and murders, black-on-black in the last month. If you truly care about black lives get down on your knees and show some sympathy and respect. And while you’re at it, condemn in no uncertain terms vandalism, arson, looting and physical assaults on law enforcement officers and others, You may recall that you took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and that includes laws passed under the Constitution, and yet your refuse to condemn the criminals.
    That makes you complicit in these crimes.

    And one additional point, when you do take a knee for the innocent youngsters who were murdered, make sure you can get back up on your feet, contrary to your last failed effort.

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