5 thoughts on “SO DO I, THANKS PATRIOT

  1. Oh, absolutely, I think back to how I grew up and life was simple, happy, people got along, and were honest for the most part. There is an old song the Judd’s sang, called “Grandpa tell me bout the good old days”. I have it on a CD. and every time I hear it, I remember all the wonderful days I had as a child growing up in the Hills of West Virginia and my Grandpa was a huge part of it. My Grand children will never know how peaceful it was in those days, no cell phones, internet, microwaves, we did not get a tv till I was about 9 years old. We knew how to use our imaginations more then.

  2. When I was a kid (80 now) We seldom ever locked the front door, mostly just had the screen door as the only block to anyone entering. When friends came over to chat they just opened the door and hollered “hey are you home”? We did not have to worry that some ass-hat would come into our school and kill us!
    We played outdoors and we played as rough as we wanted if we got hurt we got Iodine spread on the cuts to disinfect them. We did not play inside unless it was really bad storming, if it was just rain we went and played in the rain. We did not die from pneumonia, we got stronger and healthier. We had friends that would come over and play with us or we would go to their house to play. We drank out of the garden hose and we HAD FUN!!!

    I sure miss that America a lot. Now I have to double lock all of the doors and screen the phone calls so that I don’t get scammed. I constantly read about crazies that kill children in our schools and then have to listen to stupid politicians call for gun control, it is not the fault of the guns but it is the fault of the politicians who do away with the laws that keep us safe and de-fund the police so that they don’t have enough people to cover the town or city. Tie their hands so they can not arrest the bad guys and turn the bad guys loose again to kill some more.

    • So right you are, Fred. Remember when people left their keys in the ignition of their car? Remember when people had rifles hanging over front doors on little forks made of tree limbs? Remember when us kids stayed outside from daylight until sundown? Yes Sir…..those were the Good Old Days.

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