Dear Speaker Kevin McCarthy:

I thank you so very much for releasing the hidden January 6 video footage to Tucker Carlson.  My theory is: “If people have nothing to hide, they will hide nothing.”

Dear Tucker Carlson:

God Bless You for airing the hidden January 6 video footage. I love your show and respect your principles.

Dear Nancy Pelosi:

You Sorry Bitch, along with your entire sorry GANG of Political Criminals. When will the members of your Capitol Police be placed into jail? You know, the ones who escorted Jacob Chansley through the capitol? The ones who turned the door knobs for him, on camera video, which you hid from the American public.

When will “RED HAT WEARING” Ray Epps be brought to trial? You know, the one who actually told people to invade the capitol. When will Officer Byrd go to trial for murdering Ashli Babbitt? You know, the UNARMED Ashli Babbitt who was deployed at least eight times,  including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar; as she served in the Air National Guard.

We can all have dreams and wishes, Bitch Nancy. We can toss pennies into The Old Wishing Well. We can blow out candles on cakes. We can stroll the beaches, hoping to find that Bottle Holding The Genie With Three Wishes. I would have no need to waste many pennies, extinguish many candles or rub many bottles. My wish would be so simple. I would wish that Nancy Pelosi would wake in the morning with a CONSCIENCE.

OMG…Nancy, can you just imagine how horrible your payback will be from your new conscience? I cannot quit smiling at the mental image.

After I have eaten my cake and extinguished many candles, here I go to the Wishing Well with my gallon of pennies. Then I will be off  to the beach, in search of that Magical Genie to rub that magic bottle….

Oh Well, Pelosi, as they say….


2022: A year to forget - Washington Times



2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Dear

  1. This was just what I needed. I laughed so hard I wont tell you what happened. Anyway please do more of these nice little Elitist story moments. Inquiring minds wants to know just what you have to say about Liz Chaney, Maxine Waters, OAC, Oh please, I can’t wait.

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