Our God Given Rights

Breaking News:
The United States Constitutional Republic is dead. 

No law or justice any more.  It is a police state without the police, the Swamp monsters are in charge, A sex cult is running the country.  Boys can go in girls’ locker rooms and play sports as girls.  The elite use children as sex toys.  Our Government is pushing to teach all this nasty sex stuff in our schools, and arrest parents who go to the school board to complain.  They want to control the minds of our children and take the rights away from the parents.   This is all evil and of the Devil. Our children are precious and we are not to allow them to be abused and corrupted by these evil elitists.  We as parents are to protect and direct our children in the ways of the Lord. Not LGBTQXYZ. 

Isn’t it funny that they are after Trump for a Sex Crime, but the Administration pushes all types of sex perversion. Remember Biden’s daughter wrote in her diary about taking showers with her father. Many of the top administration offices are full of Freaks.  I suppose they have a FQ (Freak Quota) to meet.  They are all sick minded people and they are forcing it down our throats. This is no different from the COVID vaccine mandates.  I just heard on FOX NEWS that today they caught  a Migrant coming across the Southern boarder who had multiple rape charges, including in Ohio.  They also  just caught another MS13 Gang member. So many of this type have come across undetected. They could be in your communities, working at some of your local businesses. We must always watch our backs and be aware of our surroundings. Time to Stand up Americans. If not now, when?

Are you aware that  VP Kamala Harris took a trip to Africa.  She went to Canvass for Gay Rights. Her trip followed a new law in Uganda that bans queer identities entirely.  Ghana’s speaker of Parliament Slammed the United States V.P. for advocating LGBTQ for people in Ghana. He noted that her speech regarding the matter was devaluing the people and the country of Ghana.  Well, what do you know? I guess all those Missionaries that we supported many years ago to Africa, did make a difference.

Now we need those missionaries here. 
We have become the Heathens.


Roland Allen quote: If we allow the consideration of heathen morality and  heathen...

One thought on “Our God Given Rights

  1. Mary, thank you for writing this, it hit the nail right on the head.
    It has been said if you control the children you can control the world. And the current administration is trying to get control of our children so that they can kill the USA and then the rest of the world will follow. There is only one way to save our nation and that is to take back control of the government from those who now control it.

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